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Albert Bolshakov
Albert Bolshakov

Slope The Game Hacked

A social game, Monomi is a city-building hybrid where players build buildings and monuments in a virtual space. Match your city's style with different materials, and watch it evolve. At the same time, you'll be able to unite your supporters in order to gain more power or intimidate your opponents. As you play the game, watch your city expand and thrive to new heights.

slope the game hacked

Bandai Namco's Sword Art Online: Alicization is a spin-off game of Sword Art Online, and takes place seven years after the Alicization War, which saw the Alicization survivors revolt against their new guardians, the Artificial Human Alliance. The game takes place in the new world of Neo Azione Gauleiter, a giant temple city built from the ruins of the original Neo Node

A MOBA set in a far-flung future, Phoenix Legend is one of the newest additions to Ninja Kiwi's roster, and features a story-rich single-player campaign and a dynamic and customizable competitive multiplayer experience. The game's mission is to stand against the tyrannical Empire, led by the evil monster Jade Emperor. One can choose to live their own story as a villager, a protector, or as a warrior.

GAMINGHAM MADE ACTION: Eagles of Death Metal bring their music to the world of virtual reality, and their experiences could not be more different than the ones they usually get to play out on stage. The VR demo lets you either take the place of the bands lead singer Jesse, or the sound engineer who had to deal with all the bands crazy behavior. The studios job was not an easy one, you can see their frustration at the very beginning of the demo. The two experiences let you taste the coolest VR games, in a few words.


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