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Ian Gonzalez

The Seductress 2000 Torrenttorrent

Samuel L. Jackson runs an illegal Internet site that has live "to the death" arena style fighting (with servers in Hong Kong, Iceland, and Dubai). Meanwhile a ex-Marine corpsman soccer player named David (Kellan Lutz) loses his pregnant wife in an auto accident. David is suicidal and takes to heavy drinking. He is captured by a seductress Nina Dobrev (nudity) and is forced into the arena.David is rolled around like Hannibal Lechter when not fighting. Samuel L. Jackson appears to relish his role adding character to a grindhouse film. Plenty of blood. Good killer sound track. Even has a few twists. Cult possibility.F-bomb, sex, nudity. 10 stars on a grindhouse scale.

The Seductress 2000 Torrenttorrent

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Originally shown on the Sci Fi Channel in the UK, The Movie Network in Canada and Showtime in the United States, the series was broadcast from 1997 to 2000, and is internally organized into two seasons. Each episode was based around an independent story introduced by the host; Terence Stamp hosted each episode for the first season, and was replaced in the second season by David Bowie. Stories tended to focus on themes of self-destructive desire and obsession, with a strong component of soft-core erotica; popular tropes for the stories included cannibalism, vampires, sex, and poison.

We were lucky to get to shoot in a moated castle in the Hollywood Hills. The interior was very dark, all dark wood and suits of armor, and it had a white tiled floor that seemed too cold and clinical. So we carpeted it with red carpet and brightened it with Mod furniture and silver curtains. That whole scene and the scene after, including the apple shot you mention, were directly inspired by Camille 2000. I also used some of the music from that movie on the Viva soundtrack.


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