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Buy My App Idea

As a creative individual, ideas come and go through your mind all the time. You have had your morning coffee, you are sitting with a pen and paper, or your fingers ready to attack the keyboard. Your brain has all sorts of thoughts and ideas, and you come up with a groundbreaking, revolutionary app idea (or so you think). Your first step should be to assess the viability and profitability of your app idea in the market. While you can sell an app idea, you had in your shower for millions of dollars, it is not very likely to happen.

buy my app idea

Once you have an overview of all these parameters, you can claim to have a unique app idea. We will discuss this in greater detail later in this blog. Good examples of apps that managed to provide new solutions to existing problems and became successful are:

It is important to put your goals and ideas in a properly structured plan; otherwise, they would end up being far-fetched wishes and nothing else. You already have come this far, and you have all the data needed to create the best app that can sell for millions. Why stop now? Making a mobile app business plan will help you:

The next step for making a convincing and detailed business plan for selling your app idea is to prepare your company information. The future is never predictable; for these reasons, things you promised in the first step might still not have the investors at the edge of their seat to give you their money. Many investors believe in investing in the business and the people that run the company instead of products. Things to include at this stage are:

No matter what app you end up making, it will belong to at least one primary industry. Since you are entering this industry as an entrepreneur, it is natural that you would know every crucial trend, information, to challenges of your chosen industry. This is exactly what you need to prove to your investors. In your business plan for your app idea, talk about

This is a hugely competitive market, and how do you make your mark in the app industry? If you have a solid app idea, take the next few minutes to learn how to develop an app idea and turn it into a successful enterprise.

Every business needs a plan to succeed, and this plan should be created from extensive market research geared towards finding existing gaps in the market. The best app ideas are based on solving already-existing problems for customers.

And if you think about it, nothing is truly original. New inventions are built on existing principles, products, and ideas. Despite this, your idea still needs a touch of originality. For instance, the Schenkel brothers made a million-dollar tech business after spotting a gap in the market in 2010.

The good news here is that the world has changed in such a way that now we have access to loads of information. So, if you have stumbled on an incredible idea for an app, you have all means to get familiar with how the app industry works and what the market is like.

You have tons of data, statistics, information at your fingertips, and you can literally gather all the market intelligence you need to tell just how great your app idea is. There are over 2.8 million apps in the Google Play Store and 1.9 million apps in the Apple App Store. Within this number of apps already available, you will certainly find existing apps based on your idea and concept.

Mureta brainstormed until he got a perfect idea and created an app that enabled the Emoji keyboard and contained an additional 450 emoticons that could be shared via text, e-mail, Facebook, etc. This single app was downloaded over 20 million times and raked in millions of dollars in profit.

If your idea for an app has potential and fits into the big picture of billion-dollar companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, then you have an untapped goldmine in your hands. But you first have to bring your idea to life and let it breathe. And one of the first stages towards developing the perfect app involves creating a mobile prototype.

Your app idea can only be a viable business if it has a money-making model. And the thought process that goes into the app development phase should include viable monetizing arguments. According to many app industry experts, the best monetization model for apps is the freemium model.

If you have an idea or an invention, you can sell your idea by licensing your invention idea. You give a company legal permission to use your idea for a period of time. They will produce and market the products while paying your royalties.

With people spending so much time on mobile apps now, coupled with the recent acceleration of app usage from COVID-19, there has never been a better time to get on board. And if you have conceived a great idea for an app, merely selling it off to some companies may not be the easiest option.

Companies are constantly looking for the next big idea that will revitalize or completely transform the current consumer market. Often, these ideas come from independent inventors or creators. However, if you have a new idea that you feel has the potential to be successful, you might have considered selling this innovative idea to a developer or manufacturer.

Idea Buyer is a product development company that will help you bring your idea to the market. Idea Buyer accepts product ideas in any category. If they feel the idea has potential, they will assist you in developing the concept and presenting it to producers and possible partner stores.

Avery has recently teamed up with Evergreen Innovation Partners to make it easier for inventors to present their product ideas to the company. Avery specializes in the production of office supplies, so if you have an idea in this area, this could be an excellent place to submit it for consideration.

High-quality fitness equipment is the focus of Nautilus. They operate worldwide, so if they pick up your idea, a global market may have access to your product. Submit your ideas through the Nautilus website.

Fila receive a vast number of new product ideas and designs every day. However, many of these go unchecked or unused. Fila states explicitly on its website that they only consider patented ideas. They do this to prevent any confusion around compensation, and it also serves to protect the creator further. If you have a patented idea, you can send this to Fila via mail.

New Balance has adopted a similar ethos due to the high volume of unsolicited ideas they receive daily. The company accepts patented ideas for new products through its online submissions form.

Knight & Hale are hunting equipment manufacturers and always looking for new, inventive product ideas. To submit your ideas to Knight & Hale, fill out their online form and wait to hear back to see if they want to move forward with a design.

If you have an excellent idea for a new health or hygiene-related product, sending this to RB might result in your product being manufactured and sold in various countries worldwide. Submit your ideas through the RB website.

WillowWood works alongside clinicians and amputees to develop high-quality equipment and medical products. You can submit ideas for new products or developments on their current products to the company through an online form.

Applied Medical is also committed to developing new, innovative products that can positively impact the work of healthcare professionals and, in turn, the lives and wellbeing of their patients. They welcome new product or enhancement ideas for their current product range. You can submit your ideas through the company website.

Plaid is an arts and crafts company that supplies products to stores across the globe. They often work with external developers and inventors, so if you have a new product idea, send it over to them through their website.

If you have a product idea that falls within the pet-care or animal-care categories, you might consider submitting this for consideration to Miller Manufacturing. This large-scale company provides high-quality products in its field. You can submit product ideas via email.

As you can tell from the company name, Eco Products specializes in environmentally friendly products, generally related to food and drink items. If you have a product idea that you feel might change the way consumers view single-use or environmentally harmful materials, send it over to Eco Products.

Jokari is always on the lookout for the next big idea. With such a wide range of products developed by the company, yours could be exactly what they want. So give them a call or head to their website to submit your idea.

If you have an invention idea that falls within the automotive category, Dorman Products might be interested in hearing from you. Simply fill out the idea form on the Dorman Products website, and a team member will review your submission.

Ford Foundation is an organization committed to tackling global inequality and facilitating new initiatives that will serve to reduce poverty. They accept ideas for new initiatives or programs that fit their mission. You can submit suggestions through their website.

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular gaming apps produced in recent years, with millions of worldwide users. The app, amongst other popular games, was developed by Supercell. Supercell welcomes new app ideas; to enquire about sending yours, contact them through their website or email.

Flippa is the largest global company that facilitates the sale of apps, websites, and companies. If you have fully-developed business ideas that you wish to sell, Flippa has a massive range of potential buyers on its platform. Apps sell on the site anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to upwards of $100,000, so this could be a great place to sell your app or small business.

Having your idea patent-protected means that the invention cannot be made, used, distributed, imported, or sold commercially by any parties without your formal consent. Once your idea is patent-protected, you are its sole owner and have exclusive rights to any developments. 041b061a72


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