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Beau Wright
Beau Wright

Tonoscope Software 64

I apriciate that you did that experiment, but I think it is not enough to use pich shifter. By default, every pitch shifting software distorts the sound, so we should record music with acoustic instruments tuned at 432hz, and then compare results.

tonoscope software 64


Yet Ubuntu Studio does that great with my real-time pitch shifting guide without any slowdown, even the video quality is much higher. It uses the most letest software for that as the latest low-latency 5.0 kernel no where else now and every audio software that seems helping it. Also analog recording with Audacity works great. Just that why would i use my own stuff if we only need a Chrome OS?

Re cymatics, here is a video with a tonoscope that has a plate not a bowl It shows that 432 and 440 produce equally beautiful and interesting patterns. Who knows how different frequencies can effect us.

If you work with a computer, you may have noticed that when you enter Hz frequencies or BPMS in any software, you will have a limit on the amount of decimals or numbers you can enter after a comma. Most music software has a limit of between one and four decimal places. So, while a number like 128 or even 128.28 will be fine to enter, a number like 128,47366747 will not.


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