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Ian Gonzalez
Ian Gonzalez

Darkest Dungeon Edit Gold

the hero's starting dungeon is the tengu's depth, a big abandoned ship with a huge armory and some other traps, and a big deep room with a stone that can turn other monsters into ghosts (although the heroes can also kill them).

Darkest Dungeon Edit Gold

a big change with darkest pd is that there is a large variety of loot items. the loot is much more varied, and includes some brand new items (the black scorpion, the leather armor, the dragon scale armor and so on).

as for what we've already discussed, the campaign of darkest pd has exactly the same structure and length as the one of shattered pd, but with a few adaptations for the hero's greater resilience and with the addition of the new perks and the new npcs.

unlike other mods in darkest pd, the hero has no life counter and has no visible health bar, and the damage of the first ranged attack is not reduced by one. note however that the damage of the first ranged attack is reduced by one when aiming at multiple enemies, like in shattered pd.

as for the new improvements, the first one is the introduction of the special helmet of terror, which replaces the visor of the hero, and that can be obtained through the unique helmet amulet from the reward for the mission amulet of terror that is rewarded only at the end of the campaign. this helmet increases the damage and the chance to trigger the horror condition of the hero by 50% and it can be removed only through the mission the story of terror, but only if the monster is at least level 32 and the player manages to kill it (the player can also make it easier to kill with the special weapon of the helmet, the pistol of terror, that increases both damage and the chance to trigger the horror condition, but it will be the only such weapon for the whole campaign). the other new improvement is the introduction of the new hero's weapon, the iconic long magic bow of yvette, that has a damage scaling similar to the one of the unique crossbow of yvette of shattered pd (and that is also almost the only unique weapon of darkest pd that is a fully auto-magnetic weapon), but can be used both from distance and at melee range without penalties, and so it is te closer equivalent of shattered pd's crossbow in darkest pd, but with many differences in its details (this melee + range without penalties combination was also the reason it has been described here and not in the ranged weapons section below).


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