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[S2E19] Cross My Heart !!TOP!!

Halstead will face the reverse situation when his father is brought into the ED with heart issues. Look for Jay to be stopping by as Connor treats their father and they try to work out their family issues before it's too late. And of course, the case will inspire Connor to patch things up with his own father.

[S2E19] Cross my Heart

Meanwhile, Danny, Sam, and Tucker are excited for their cross-country summer vacation together. Danny is taking them to Cape Canaveral for the space program, Tucker is taking them to the San Diego Sci-Fi and Comic Book Convention, and Sam is taking them to Gothapalooza in the Nevada desert.

Nathan is rushed to the hospital with Lucas and Cooper, as he is rushed in the OR, he makes Lucas promise not to tell Haley. Dan arrives home to find his bags packed. Deb tells him that she went to the chapel when he had his heart attack and wished for him to die. She also says she is leaving as if not one of them will die soon. As she does, the phone rings and Dan and Deb rush to the hospital. Deb is rushed away to give blood as Dan threatens Cooper to hope Nathan will be ok. Whitey visits Peyton, he tells her about a place in Florida that is perfect to raise a family, and that is where Jenny is being kept until Jake gets back. Peyton begins to cry with relief and tells him Jake has asked not to visit, but Whitey says he understands as he misses the two women in his life he loves. As the doctor comes to give his parents an update on Nathan's surgery, Deb finds out her blood was not enough for Nathan, as she asks if this is the case, the doctor asks her how long she has been abusing prescription drugs, as Deb looks down, guilty of her actions.

Jedediah Bancroft, a Denver banker, returns to town to sell homes. When he accepts the winning bid on a home, not knowing it was Robert E. Jedediah first accepts the $700 bid, but then refuses to accept Grace and Robert E.'s money because they're colored. Michaela defends Grace and Robert E. to Jedediah who finally accepts their money, but he isn't happy about it. Jedediah sets out to do everything in his power to include having Dr. Mike tell Robert E. that the banker will buy back the property with 10% profit, and recruiting men of the town into the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). Jedediah also has the men of his KKK branch destroy Grace's Café, cut Grace's hair off, setting loose Robert E.'s horses, beating up Robert E. at his livery, and threatening to hang Robert E. Matthew, Sully, Brian,Colleen, and Dr. Mike take up the fight against the KKK's violence along side Robert E. and Grace; resulting in a cross being burned at the homestead, and Jedediah threatening the Cooper children at Hank's saloon. Loren decides to help Grace and Robert E. to move in after the KKK tries to hang Robert E.

Later, Regina Mills comes up to Mr. Gold, who is watching Neal and Henry play at swords. She notes that Henry has pushed her away in favor of Neal, and Neal has pushed Mr. Gold away in favor of Henry. Mr. Gold reveals to her that Henry is Neal's son, and that he is Henry's grandfather. Regina is shocked at this, doubting Mr. Gold's claims that he did not know, as he was the one who procured Henry for her during the adoption process, and there was no way that could have been a coincidence. Mr. Gold just tells her that there are no coincidences, just fate. Regina scornfully replies that the others would not accept him because he would always have a dark heart - something not even his own son could change.

Meanwhile, David Nolan drives his Mary Margaret and Emma to the field of magic beans. Being uninformed, Emma doesn't understand the purpose for visiting these fields. Both of her parents tell her that she needs to see this. Emma is preoccupied about the cryptic warning August gave her before he was transformed into a little boy and lost past memories. Mary Margaret and David pull Emma through the invisibility spell that protected the fields, to show Emma the magic beans being grown. Emma hugs Anton when she sees him, and he notifies her that they are not quite ready to be harvested. She doesn't understand why they didn't tell her about the magic beans when she was in New York City with Mr. Gold. David says that they are telling her now, and that they are trying to keep this under wraps. Therefore, Mother Superior has cloaked the area. Emma then asks Anton why he has shrunken in size since their last encounter. Anton tells Emma that Cora is the one who shrunk him. Leroy then approaches and tells Anton to get back to work. Emma questions her parents as to the real reason for planting these magic beans. Even though Emma brings up all the bad that has happened in the Enchanted Forest, David persists that the problems can be fixed. Mary Margaret also now agrees with David, saying she has had a change of heart after killing Cora, and that mending the land is the best way to fix her heart. Emma maintains that this world is her home, but her parents contend that the Enchanted Forest was her home, and she may finally be able to have her happy ending there.

In Storybrooke, Mr. Gold confronts Regina in the Mayor's Office about what she did to Belle. Regina says she gave her back her memories, and Mr. Gold replies that she has her Curse memories, not her true memories. Mr. Gold insists that Regina bring her back. Regina says that she cannot because Belle crossed the town line, her old self is gone, and that Lacey is here to stay. Mr. Gold tells her that any curse can be broken.

Mr. Gold and Lacey are on a date at Granny's Diner when he clumsily drops his menu. Lacey laughs about it, asking Mr. Gold if he is nervous. Mr. Gold denies being nervous by saying that he is just deciding what to eat. When Granny walks over to serve them and sees Belle, she notices her much more revealing clothing and asks her if she has been raiding Ruby's closet. Mr. Gold orders two burgers and two ice teas for him and Lacey, but Belle tells Granny she wants a chicken Parmesan with a bottle of white wine. Lacey tells Mr. Gold she has never really liked burgers; Mr. Gold says she can have whatever she likes. Lacey says he is very classy, which is not quite what she was expecting based on his notoriety in Storybrooke. He asks Lacey what she has heard about him, and she tells him people say he is the most powerful man in town and that he acquired that power by being ruthless; she also adds that people get hurt if they cross him. Granny comes with their drinks, and Mr. Gold begins to pour Lacey some wine, telling her he is just a shop owner and a procurer of hard-to-find objects. Lacey takes the bottle from Mr. Gold and pours herself more of it. Mr. Gold says people like to see the worst in him, but he would rather her see the good. Lacey says she doesn't get why people are afraid of him, because she sees a man who wouldn't hurt anyone. When Lacey says people can't tell what a person is like until they see what is in their heart, it causes Mr. Gold to spill his iced tea onto her. Lacey asks if she said something wrong, but Mr. Gold says he just heard someone else say exactly the same thing to him. Lacey then leaves the table to go wash up after the spill.

Talking Hank's worst nightmare is coming true - his favorite TV show, Bongo and McGillicuddy, is coming to an end. Determined to save the show, Hank takes a leap into the unknown - literally crossing dimensions and entering the world of the show. Will his crazy plan work? And will he ever be able to find his way home?

In The Return she used this power to open the doors of the Lockwood Mansion when Katherine Pierce tried to feed on her. Once the doors were open, she was forced to stop at risk of exposing herself as a vampire to the guests at the wake. In Know Thy Enemy, while upset for the role that Damon played in the transition of Caroline she used the non-verbal form of this power to turn on a water hose so she could use the water as a magical catalyst to set Damon on fire. In Know Thy Enemy, while concentrating on the grimoire that contained the spell to harness a deceased witch's power, she caused the book to telekinetically fly off the bookshelf. In The Last Dance, she used this power several times; she demonstrates her power to Damon, using the power of the harnessed magic from the dead witches to throw him to the ground and as well as to protect Elena and herself from Klaus. Klaus, reveals that he was possessing Alaric Saltzman's body and was there to kill her and advances on them though she throws him across the hall with her non-verbal power; as they run, she telekinetically closes two doors, attempting to buy more time as they escape. Not much later she attempted to injure Klaus, using this power to break his wrist, making him drop the knife he held. She continues to break his shoulder and leg, forcing him to the ground, though the protection spell is strong and he is trying to get up. Stefan and Elena rush to her, though she blocks their path, magically shutting the doors, barring the entrance to the room as she uses the last of her, seemingly dying in the process. Klaus escapes, having taken down the witch. Bonnie usually activates this power by lifting her arm or hands towards the object she wishes to move and then moves it in the direction she wishes the object to go, but she has also used her eyes and mind alone.

In Do Not Go Gentle, Esther used this power to force a large gash on Elena's palm and forcefully took her blood in order to finish her spell to turn Alaric into an Enhanced Original Vampire. Shortly thereafter, Esther was seen using the basic form of telekinesis when she controlled the movements of Jeremy's and Matt's weapons, forcing the gun and the crossbow to face each other. She was stopped when a transitioning Alaric stabbed her in the back.

In Original Sin, Damon attacked her, though she was about to quickly subdue him with a pain infliction spell. After which she telekinetically throws him across the room before vanishing from the cabin. In Death and the Maiden, she would encounter Silas after he halted her Anchor Transference ritual. She proceeded to telekinetically throw glasses at him, though he easily avoided them. Upon the final glass, he caught it and threw it back at her, distracting her (as she missed it) only to be stabbed with a fireplace rod-iron. 041b061a72


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