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Albert Bolshakov
Albert Bolshakov

Genius NSP Universal Programmer Software: What is it, How to Get it, and Why You Need it

19-Jan-2016The software is in a beta stage. It is a great improvement, but not at 100%. I will not be able to give you any guarantees until this software is a completed beta. It still has a few issues with temporary programming files. I have most of the bugs sorted, and the software is ready to work. I can easily program other chips not included. The software has more of a PIC programmer feel than a CPLD programmer feel. This is probably because it is using a USB driver to program the chips.

genius nsp universal programmer software download

Download Zip:

scan in the barcode or qr code, and the genius x2 will quickly scan and then confirm it is a genuine zoller. when you press the connect button the genius x2 will connect to the receiver and then beep to let you know it has been recognized. after you press connect the unit will power on and display an animated display. all of this happens in a few seconds. when you are done connecting, press the button again to disconnect.

with the genius, you get the worlds most sophisticated yet affordable programmable remote control, and your personal mobile assistant. with the genius, you will gain instant access to your zollers controls and data, and you will easily connect to hundreds of zollers and zigbee products around your home or office. the genius controls up to four zoller x2 units wirelessly and detects up to six zoller x2 units simultaneously.

download the latest version of the zoller x2 software and the zoller x2 programming assistant app from the zoller website to your computer. your computer will automatically download the most up-to-date software.


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