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EndNote X7 v17.0.0.7072 Review: Pros, Cons, and Features

The citeterrs pane contains 4 different listing view options for EndNote. You may view the contents of the citeterrs pane in the following ways:

EndNote X7 v17.0.0.7072 download


  • The 3-Column View with column A for Citeterrs

  • The Content - Table of Citeterrs (the default view) with column A for Citer and column B for Count.

  • The Content - Table of Citeterrs with column C for Citeter and column D for Count.

  • The Citeterrs - Content - Table of Citeterrs (text only with no table view) with column A for Citeter

This is the EndNote Resources Tool that is part of the product. This tool allows users to create hyperlinks to the web where applicable. The tool also allows users to create pop-up windows for the online EndNote software. These pop-ups will appear when viewing a journal article while the linked pop-up window will open with the journal article open in your web browser.

The EndNote Output Manager allows you to set citation keys for each page or paragraph of text you are working on. There are several citation styles available in EndNote, depending on the journal you are publishing in. Theses styles include: APA, APA-Chicago, AMA, AMA-Chicago, ASA, and Chicago and some legacy styles from previous editions of EndNote. There are also multiple plugins that enable you to specify additional citation styles in EndNote. These plugins include: dntrend, Endnote Reference Manager, Endnote to Word, Endnote to Pdf, EndNote or PubMed. The EndNote output styles, including the plugins, can be set up within the Output Manager. The output styles that are set up are the styles that will be used for all documents that are created in EndNote. You can change the output style in a document by clicking on the Output Styles button in the top right corner of the screen and then choosing another output style.


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