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Office Password Recovery Lastic Full |VERIFIED| 105

In some instances the administrator user name or password for the SonicWall appliance may be lost or corrupted. When this occurs there is no way to reset the password or discover it as an administrator, nor can SonicWall technical support provide any reset or recovery for lost administration credentials.

office password recovery lastic full 105


Passware focuses on password recovery and caters to numerous use cases. Its Kit Forensic is a comprehensive evidence discovery solution that detects and decrypts all password-protected items on a computer.

Their flagship Passcovery Suite successfully operates with Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, PDF, ZIP/RAR, iOS/Blackberry back-ups, TrueCrypt volumes and WPA/WPA2 handshakes. The Suite uses an embedded macro language for sophisticated password generation assignments. The key focus of Passcovery is fast retrieval of data. The software boasts great recovery speeds, as well as optimization for AMD/ATI and NVIDIA video cards. Passcovery detects your CPU type and operates accordingly to deliver optimal performance. Whenever possible, it employs GPU password recovery with AMD and NVIDIA video cards.

Windows Password Recovery Lastic helps to restore access to the operating system. Run the software on an available computer and create a bootable USB stick or CD/DVD. Boot from it on the required computer and reset the password for any of the previous accounts. Plus, the program saves password hashes for in-depth cracking and recovery of previously removed passwords.

Computer forensics embraces different software categories. Broadly defined, it not only includes file viewers/analysis and disk and data capture tools, but also email analysis, registry forensics, network and database forensics, event log analysis, password recovery, mobile device analysis and other solution types.


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