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ORG 2017 Versi 1.2 4 Full VIP: A Powerful Music Simulator for Android Devices

Download APK Org 2017 Versi 1.2 4 Full VIP

If you are a music lover and want to create your own songs with your Android device, you might have heard of apk org 2017. This is an app that simulates a music system with thousands of musical instruments, rhythms, effects, and features. But did you know that there is a full vip version of this app that unlocks even more possibilities? In this article, we will show you how to download apk org 2017 versi 1.2 4 full vip, what are the benefits of using it, and what are the risks and precautions you should take.

download apk org 2017 versi 1.2 4 full vip

What is APK Org 2017 and What Are Its Features

APK Org 2017 is an app that lets you play and record music with your Android device. It is also known as ORG 2017, ORG 2018, ORG 2019, ORG 2020, ORG 2021, ORG 2022, ORG 2023, and ORG 2024. It has many features, such as:

  • Thousands of musical instruments, multi-sample and recorded from real instruments, such as piano, violin, flute, saxophone, guitar, sitar, and more.

  • Thousands of rhythms, including intros, variations, fill, break, endings, and pads, with real chords (press three or more keys) such as pop, jazz, rock, Arabic, Turkish, Hindi, and more.

  • DNC instruments with after-touch.

  • A lot of drum kits, such as general, Arabic, Persian, and more.

  • Three low-latency methods (in settings).

  • Connect to MIDI devices over USB and Bluetooth.

  • Use the phone as a microphone with audio filters.

  • Programmable sound/loop buttons for playing audio files.

  • Strong Windows tool for creating, editing, or importing instruments, rhythms, and more (download from

  • Joystick, ribbon, effects, and filters.

  • Record, re-record, sing a song, save, playback, and more.

  • High-quality stereo output.

  • Simulate KORG keyboards with fade, synchro, keyboard set, tempo, transpose, octave, balance, tune, split, chord memory, tap tempo/reset.

  • Multi-touch with ten fingers.

  • Change the volume of each instrument or style separately.

  • Pedal, metronome, and touch response.

  • Quarter tones (Arabic, Persian, Kurdish).

  • One and two rows of the keyboard.

  • Create high-quality MP3 and share it on social networks (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Line, and more).

What is the Full VIP Version and Why Would You Want It

The full vip version of apk org 2017 is a modified version that unlocks all the features of the app that are normally paid or restricted. For example, you can access all the instruments, rhythms, effects, and filters without paying any fees or watching any ads. You can also create unlimited MP3 files and share them with anyone you want. The full vip version also removes the watermark from the app and gives you a premium user experience. You might want to download apk org 2017 versi 1.2 4 full vip if you are a professional musician or a music enthusiast who wants to enjoy all the features of the app without any limitations or interruptions. You might also want to download it if you want to support the developers of the app and appreciate their work. How to Download APK Org 2017 Versi 1.2 4 Full VIP