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Where To Buy Woodwind Grill ((FULL))

Update: Camp Chef has released the Woodwind Pro which promises offset smoker flavor with the convenience of a pellet grill. We have a detailed Woodwind Pro review where you can learn about all the differences.

where to buy woodwind grill

Overall, the Woodwind showed to be good quality. All the parts installed just as designed. The grill comes with rubberized wheels, similar to wheels found on rollerblades. They appeared to be more than adequate to move the grill around and will last quite a while.

The ash cleanout feature is innovative making it the easiest to clean pellet grill I have tested to date. The slider rod attaches to the a flat plate below the burn pot. When the slider rod is pulled, it moves the plate and drops burnt pot ash into the cleanout cup. The locking plates prevent the slider rods from moving accidentally while the grill is in use.

The versatile upper rack system is also grilling gold. The two half-rack systems can be placed side by side to be used as a full rack or one rack can be slid under the other to open up access to more of the grilling area. I found this to be very useful.

The grill controller also has a feed function that I found to be very useful. The feed function allows the user to feed pellets without the igniter element being activated. This is great for not only feeding pellets initially through the auger system but also for clearing remaining pellets from the auger to prevent them from swelling and causing an auger jam.

BBQ Tool Set- These accessories, while nothing exotic or exciting, are built sturdy to last for years of grilling. If you can pick these up for a reasonable price, go for it, especially if you can use them for camping gear also. Grill Cover- I consider a grill cover a must-have for pellet grills to protect the electronics. The Woodwind grill cover is made of a tough material that fits snugly over the grill to keep your prized possession well preserved. From the grill covers I have tested, this is one of the strong ones.

The $800-$1000 pellet grill price range is pretty crowded with competition. Check out our full guide to pellet grills for a comprehensive list, and here are a few of the main Woodwind alternatives worth considering.

Please note: Pellet Grill sear stations do not provide full grill coverage in order to allow ample airflow. In testing, we have found that with too many GrillGrate panels, heat can get trapped. When this happens, the fan in the pellet grill turn off, which ultimately turns off the grill.

If you have mistakenly ordered the wrong size for your grill, please call or email us with your order number and we can place a new order for you to ensure you receive the correct product as soon as possible. You can also place your new order online, but please let us know you are returning your original order for refund. Once we receive it back into our warehouse we will issue a full refund.

The hopper is equipped with a drain to empty pellets if the grill will be stored for a long time or to change to a different wood. The drain chute is identical to the grease drain chute on the opposite side and one can hang a bucket on the chute to catch the pellets. The chute is opened via a pull out knob. Although there is a sliding vertical tab to hold the knob in place it cannot be effectively locked and easily popped open every time we removed the cover, sending pellets all over the deck. The problem was exacerbated by the tight fitting cover which was not designed to accommodate the large Sear Box. We ended up taping the knob shut.

GrillGrates amplify heat, prevent flare-ups, make flipping foods easier, kill hotspots, flip over to make a fine griddle, and can be easily moved from one grill to another. Click here for more about what makes these grates so special.

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All it takes to transform the Woodwind into a direct grilling machine is a quick pull of the grill knob, which moves the deflector plate and allows food to be cooked right over the fire. Using this feature is a great way to grill up some burgers or brats for your family party or crank out a hot and fast steak to keep all to yourself.

The Sidekick really brings the heat with a 28,000 BTU/hr. burner which, combined with the BBQ Grill Box, will put a flawless sear on a steak or take you on a deep-fry frenzy. In addition to the grill box, I opted for the flat top griddle attachment as well as the Artisan Outdoor Oven. Broil, bake, sear, fry, whatever you fancy, the Sidekick can handle almost anything you throw at it.

The grease management system helps a ton as well. All that nasty cooking gunk and grease is directed down the drip pan and into a bucket on the side of the grill for easy disposal. Camp Chef even sells foil inserts for the bucket to make this process even more manageable.

All pellet grills follow a similar format, with a hopper to one side of the main cooking chamber. But the attached sidekick attachment on this grill makes it look even more substantial than such grills typically do.

Packed with award-winning features, you can smoke, grill, roast, bake, sear, and use pots and pans with ease, with a temperature range between 160 F and 650 F in the main cooking chamber and up to 1,100 F on the sidekick gas burner. Wi-Fi enabled, monitor and control all temps, smoke settings, and receive notifications on your smartphone from anywhere in the world.

Being a pellet grill, the simple system feeds smoking wood pellets into the central fire pot via the hopper (pellet container). This feeds the fire through an auger, which is like a rotating corkscrew, into the firepot where they ignite.

The heat diffuser above the fire pot evenly distributes the heat and keeps it consistent, and the addition of a Sidekick attachment means you also have a smaller second grill that can be heated up to 1,100 F to sear those steaks to perfection.

Cooking with a pellet smoker results in the ashes from your burned pellets filling up the burn cup. Usually, you would have to dismantle the grill to scoop it out and brush out the interior, but not with this system.

You can purchase the Woodwind Wi-Fi with a sear box instead of the Sidekick, with the sear box being just that: A box on which you can high heat sear. However, with the Sidekick and optional griddle to place on top, you get a full-on cast iron grill for all your high heat searing needs, up to 1,100 F. Plus the versatility of boiling pans, using cast iron for frying, adding an oven, and more.

So I highly recommend the Sidekick over the sear box option. If you want to save money on the purchase because you already have searing options on another grill, buy the standard grill without any side attachment. Though, of course, the choice is yours.

Not only does the controller have a full-color display, but it connects to your home Wi-Fi and can be monitored and controlled via the Camp Chef Connect app virtually anywhere in the world that you have a signal and a data connection on your smartphone.

Suppose you want a large, easy to use, easy to clean out grill, that you can control from anywhere with your mobile phone, that has the versatility to truly sear as well as grill and smoke, with attachments you can add for cooking in pots, pans, a pizza oven and more. In that case, you really should consider this grill.

It looks just like gas-powered grills should with its size and shape, but with its forged and molded top cover design and contrasting black and stainless-steel coloring, it looks that bit more special.

I have used it as a smoker, a grill, and have seared using the main cooking chambers slide and grill and on the Sidekick griddle. And I have used the griddle to cook eggs and bacon, and used the Sidekick to fry onions in a pan, and boil vegetables.

Getting connected to Wi-Fi is easy, with the controller stepping you through the process. Installing the Camp Chef app and connecting your smartphone to the grill is also straightforward. Using the app to change settings, times, and temperatures is intuitive and easy.

You would use a single upper grate or remove them both to provide extra height when using the lower grate or give yourself more room and easier access to the lower grate. Particularly useful for grilling with the slide and grill feature, for room to use tools, flip foods, etc. 041b061a72


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