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James White

Watch Farah Abrams Sex Tape _VERIFIED_

June 12, 2013: After initially saying she won't watch Backdoor Teen Mom, Abraham shares on Howard Stern's radio show that she masturbates to the tape. "I masturbate to... I like to watch my own video," she says. "I mean, I've had my video for a while so I've seen it... a lot."

Watch Farah Abrams Sex Tape


Jasmine Waltz, a sometime actress and model most famous for dating celebrities like David Arquette and Ryan Seacrest, released her sex tape, "Real Jasmine," in 2011. She told us anyone looking to parlay her 15 minutes of fame into a big sex tape payday better watch out.

Up until recently my personal favorite was the Tom Sizemore tape. I already knew how awesomely insane he was from friends who had worked with him prior to watching him try to have sex with two prostitutes in a hotel room with a coked-out wet noodle, but the level of raw, unscripted depravity in his sex video took his legend status to new heights. At the time of filming Sizemore was in and out of court with the trial of LA madam Heidi Fleiss, and his relationship with the pimpess was paraded all over the evening news. In his porno we got to see just how affected Sizemore is when he says, "Fuck the LA police department. Fuck them. I hope 22 cops die tonight and they all have a lot of children." (You can read my review from seven years ago here.)

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