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Albert Bolshakov
Albert Bolshakov

The Ultimate Guide to Crisis General Midi 3.01: A High-Quality Soundfont for GM Files

the grand strategy games in the x-com series always had an odd structure, with mission generation and planning handled by the computer, but the exact resolution of events was decided by the player, who would eventually be required to plot their own course and make their own decisions. this gave players a large degree of control over the game, but frequently resulted in abject chaos when too many players relied on similar strategies and thus the game could end in a free-for-all.

Crisis General Midi 3.01

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he took as many casualties with him to the rendezvous as he could bear, including several of his elite unit. during the battle, juhr marched his troops into a trap. another new republic defender was waiting on the other side of the entrance to the underground facility. juhr was forced to fight both enemies at once, though he killed many enemy soldiers. after he gave the order for his men to retreat, he took the survivors, who included the commander of the elite unit, back to his own base. the commander was killed in the attack.

meanwhile, the republic's military efforts had bogged down, with their allies on the ground unable to deal with the enemy's superior numbers. when planet geonosis was occupied and subjected to a highly effective air campaign, the republic was driven into a defensive position. the clone war began.

as the clone wars between the republic and separatist forces raged, krell requested that the jedi council be reformed. he agreed to command the 501st legion on the condition that his apprentice, jurok was made one of the order's new generals.

after his departure, tyret prepared to return to his wife and their two-year-old daughter. upon seeing that her husband was about to be killed, tyret shot his armored opponent at point-blank range. the armored trooper died after he was struck in the face, and tyret was taken into custody by the republic.


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