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How To Buy Turkey Breast Fixed

If buying a whole turkey is too intimidating, pick up a turkey breast instead. You can roast it the traditional way in the oven, or free up space by cooking it in a slow cooker. For those who prefer dark meat, braised turkey thighs or hot-and-spicy turkey legs are great options.

how to buy turkey breast

All of our smoked turkeys are made with quality and the best taste in mind. Our Sliced Boneless Turkey Breast is no exception! It's a gourmet turkey breast that's been brined, slow-smoked, and cooked over real hickory wood chips for a savory flavor that can only come with patience. Since it's pre-sliced and fully cooked, it's ready to be heated and served - perfect to have on hand for any meal or to serve for a large gathering. Honey Glaze is included.

We may be all about the beef, but our downright delicious turkey breast stands on its own. It's a delicious alternative to boring lunch sandwiches as well as the dry, tasteless, holiday bird of legend.

A whole, fully cooked, frozen, vacuum sealed, turkey breast is the star of any meal and our overall staff favorite here in Charleston. One turkey breast can easily feed 5-8 people and pairs perfectly with our signature Hatch Green Chile Barbecue Sauce. Simple reheating instructions will be included.

Love white meat, but tired of dry turkey breasts? Try out juicy Bone-In Turkey Breast! Tender and filled with flavor, our breast meat on the cage is perfect for the crockpot, oven, grill, and more. Naturally processed with no additives.

Looking for something to it is! smoked turkey that taste like "TURKEY." Here's why. We select only young, tender birds, then cure them with a secret blend of spices to preserve that special Robertson flavor. Our turkeys are then placed in the smoke-house until they are golden brown and fully cooked. The best way to preserve the freshness of your turkey after you receive it is to cover it tightly and place it in the refrigerator. If you do not plan to use it immediately, FREEZE IT. We have found many people like to slice all of their turkey at once, keeping a portion to serve and freezing the rest in small packages for later use. Robertson's Smoked Turkeys and Smoked Turkey Breasts are fully cooked. However, to bring out the most flavor we suggest you rinse the whole turkey with warm water, then wrap it in aluminum foil. Place the turkey in a shallow pan and heat for 3/4 - 1 hour in a 325 degree oven. The Smoked Turkey Breast may be heated the same way for only 20 minutes. The Smoked Turkeys, like all of our other smoked meats, have the best flavor when they are served at room temperature.

Experience the taste of a home-style meal on a sandwich with slow-cooked, oven roasted, thin sliced turkey. Carefully crafted meals deserve the highest-quality ingredients: now made with no artificial preservatives, no added nitrates and nitrites* and no artificial flavors.

Turn the breast upside down and use a sharp boning knife to cut along the rib cage toward the breast bone until the meat separates from the bone. Repeat on the other side of the rib cage to remove the other breast portion.

Lay-out two sheets of foil, arrange the butter pats in the center of the foil, place the turkey breast on top of the butter former skin-side down, and wrap into a tight package. To prevent butter from leaking, make sure there are no seams on the bottom of the package.

Turkey breasts on the bottom cooking grate may cook a bit slower and thus may have to stay in the cooker longer than those on the top grate. In the case of my cook, the breasts on the top grate finished first at 5:30pm. I removed them from the cooker, moved the breasts from the bottom grate to the top grate, and cooked them another 15 minutes until they reached 160F.

In a small bowl, combine the olive oil, garlic, lemon juice,mustard, rosemary, sage, thyme, salt, and pepper. Rub the mixture evenly allover the skin of the turkey breast. (You can also loosen the skin and smearhalf of the paste underneath, directly on the meat.) Pour the wine into thebottom of the roasting pan.

Roast the turkey for 1 to 1 hours, until the skin is goldenbrown and an instant-read meat thermometer registers 165 degrees when insertedinto the thickest and meatiest area of the breast. Check the breast after anhour or so; if the skin is overbrowning, cover it loosely with aluminum foil.

Roast Turkey Breast cooks up juicy and golden brown in far less time than a whole turkey, and you can even cook two at once due to their smaller size. Serve it alongside Mashed Potato Casserole and Baked Stuffing for the perfect holiday meal.

It used to be that every year I would buy a whole frozen turkey, let it take up valuable refrigerator space for the week before Thanksgiving while it thawed, and then frustrate myself to no end about getting that bird dressed and cooked in a reasonable amount of time.

Several years ago we had one of those turkey rolls, some horrible processed thing. The next few years we went back to the whole, but smaller, turkey, experiencing the same issues of leftovers no one wanted. Then we tried buying parts, but those are sometimes hard to find and not cheap.. Last year I found the whole breast, and we were in heaven! With one more child back home this year, I asked if we wanted to go back to a whole turkey. A resounding NO! I will be using this recipe, especially the trick of putting the herbs on the pats of butter! Thanks!

After I slide a sharp carving knife between the the slightly cooked down roasted meat and the rib bones (trying to keep the meat in one piece), the I break the bones up and store them in a zip bag in the freezer to await the next batch of turkey or mixed poultry broth (also made weekly or every other week in an Instant Pot electric pressure cooker). Another food budget bonus and cleaner eating, less packaging.

Good idea. We are white meat eaters here but do have other family that like dark meat. And I will eat dark meat in casseroles and turkey salad. So I will probably still cook a whole one since its so cheap!

The hotel-cut turkey breast is essentially the same cut, though it comes with its wings, neck, and giblets, all important material if you intend to make a gravy or sauce to accompany the cooked meat (or stock, for that matter). These tend to cost a little more and are almost always sold fresh, not frozen. Since gravy is not part of most grilling recipes, the cheaper regular cut makes more sense if your market carries both.

Heating/Cooking Suggestions: For best flavor our smoked turkey breast is meant to be served at room temperature. This can be achieved by removing the turkey breast from the refrigerator 15-20 minutes prior to serving. If heating is desired we suggest placing it in a 325* oven for about 30 minutes.

There's a lot of pressure when you host Thanksgiving, but perhaps no responsibility is greater than preparing the turkey. The centerpiece of the annual celebration can make or break your holiday meal, so you'll probably want to do your homework before diving in. There are lots of options for making your turkey. Deep frying or roasting? Dry seasoning or brining? To baste or not to baste? Should I listen to the little popper timer on the bird? And the answer to the last question is no (per How Stuff Works).

As the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) explains, self-basting turkeys are "injected or marinated with a solution containing butter or other edible fat, broth, stock or water plus spices, flavor enhancers and other approved substances." These birds have been treated before purchase and must be labeled as such. The idea behind this type of poultry is that it will be moister and require less preparation work, which Serious Eats notes is effective. However, it can also lead the meat to have a bland, diluted flavor. America's Test Kitchen also suggests that a lot of the turkey's flavor is masked by these solutions and insists that if your only available turkeys are self-basting, you should absolutely skip the extra brining or salting steps as the meat will be far too salty when finished.

Boneless Turkey Breast: This recipe is for boneless turkey breast which is sometimes called turkey breast roast. You can purchase a turkey breast roast at most grocery stores. While a turkey breast is all white meat, you can also buy a combination of white and dark meat. Both will cook for the same amount of time.

Seasoning for Turkey Breast: Season the turkey bread with salt & pepper and a bit of poultry seasoning or turkey seasoning. Add fresh herbs for extra flavor. We love parsley, rosemary, sage, and/or thyme.

Used this recipe to roast a 5# boneless Turkey breast. I appreciated the tip to put a bit of stock and sliced onions in bottom of roasting pan. It really kept the meat tender and moist. And nice reminder to tie up breast to create a more uniform size/shape for even cooking.Easy and straightforward recipe. In my keeper box. 041b061a72


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