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How Do I Crack A Microsoft Word Password WORK

In this section, we will outline several methods on how to crack word password protected document without installing any third-party software. Implement them one-by-one and at least one of them will get the job done for you.

how do i crack a microsoft word password


This workaround for cracking the Word password has been in the market for quite some time now. Visual Basic for Applications or VBA is an extension of visual basic file and it adds to the functionality of MS office.

In any case, they can still help you achieve your purpose. Which website you should choose depends on your individual preferences and requirements. Here. We will walk you through a step-by-step guide on how to bypass Word password via

LostMyPass is a trusted service to regain access to your restricted Word files. The website claims to have a success ratio of 61% for premium version - which is not satisfactory. Check out yourself how to how to crack password of Word file via LostMyPass.

To wrap it up, this article has provided a comprehensive guide on how to crack Word document password without software. All the methods discussed in this guide are tested and tried and can help you get the job done with ease.

Microsoft Word's password-protect functionality is designed to prevent edits and modification to templates and other important documents. However, it can be a real pain if you need to edit or change a document and either don't have the password or have forgotten it. Word's password protection isn't very secure, however, and is easily broken with a quick shift in format.

If someone sends you a password-protected Word document, chances are good there's a reason for the lock. Sometimes businesses use them to protect core templates and sometimes they're in place to ensure marketing materials aren't edited before they go live. If you think you should have access to a document but do not, speak with your supervisor or the document creator to find out why.

You are confident to leave your computer with your buddies because you know you got a strong password protecting it, and you are cocksure none will try tempering with it or even accessing. After a while, you come back and try retrieving the password-protected document. However, to your amusement, you can't recall the right character combinations for your password. You don't know how to unlock a Word document without a password. Luckily, you have stumbled on this life-saving article. And we give assurance by the end of the article you'll be able to unlock Word documents online with confidence and seamlessly.

There are several Office password remover utilities available out there on the internet supporting online or desktop. However, they are not equal both in strength and functionalities. Therefore, we search through the internet and highlighted the following best 5 Word password remover tools:

This is a robust word suite that helps you to recover or remove passwords from Word documents using brute force attack, dictionary attack, or brute force mask attack. Those different kinds of password attack options combined with an intuitive interface, easy and straightforward recovery process, and slick design makes it almost a perfectly complete and best Word password remover utility.

If you are looking for an office password remover tool that puts much attention on technology, land on this efficacious tool. It combines a perfect blend of design and functionalities to unprotect Word documents. The program takes a matter of a few minutes to remove a password from a Word document depending on its complexity and the method you chose to use and being boosted with the multi-core GPU and CPU acceleration.

This is among the greatest Word password remover you can effortlessly use to bypass locked Word documents when you've learned the right procedures on how to open a password-protected word files. It works well with multiple file systems and is compatible with almost all Windows versions including Windows 10.

This is yet another free Word password utility that can remove the document open password and recover the Word document edit password. Also, you can use the program to crack modified passwords. Word Password Recovery Master supports all Windows versions from Windows XP all through to Windows 10.

GuaWord is a Word password remover freeware program that works differently by decrypting the lost password instead of attacking it. This mode of retrieving passwords guarantees over 95 percent of success.

The procedure to follow on how to open a password-protected word files is almost similar with small variations among Docx password remover tools. Nonetheless, there is an effective way you can use and unprotect Word documents without using the Word password remover tool and is by renaming the word file extension.

There is quite a good number of considerations you should put to place when you think about using Docx password remover utilities to remove passwords from Word document failure to which might drag you to unprecedented trouble.

Other consideration deeply understands the Word password remover tool like the time it takes to remove the password and its security features. This will prepare you for what to expect from the tool you are using.

Microsoft Office files can be password-protected in order to prevent tampering and ensure data integrity. But password-protected documents from earlier versions of Office are susceptible to having their hashes extracted with a simple program called office2john. Those extracted hashes can then be cracked using John the Ripper and Hashcat.

Extracting the hash from a password-protected Microsoft Office file takes only a few seconds with the office2john tool. While the encryption standard across different Office products fluctuated throughout the years, none of them can stand up to office2john's hash-stealing abilities.

This tool is written in Python and can be run right from the terminal. As for Office compatibility, it's known to work on any password-protected file from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Project, Access, and Outlook that was created using Office 97, Office 2000, Office XP, Office 2003, Office 2007, Office 2010, and Office 2013, including the Office for Mac versions. It may not work on newer versions of Office, though, we saved a DOCX in Office 2016 that was labeled as Office 2013.

Next, we need an appropriate file to test this on. I am using a simple DOCX file named "dummy.docx" that I created and password-protected with Word 2007. Download it to follow along. The password is "password123" as you'll find out. You can also download documents made with Word 2010 and Word 2016 (that shows up as 2013) to use for more examples. Passwords for those are also "password123."

Set the --wordlist flag with the location of your favorite word list. The one that is included with Nmap will do for our purposes here, but for tougher passwords, you may want to go with a more extensive word list.

John will start cracking, and depending on the password complexity, will finish when a match is found. Press almost any key to view the current status. When the hash is cracked, a message will be displayed on-screen with the document's password: Since our password was pretty simple, it only took seconds to crack it.

When it comes to password cracking of any kind, the best defense technique is to use password best practices. This means using unique passwords that are long and not easily guessable. It helps to utilize a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols, although recent research has shown that simply using long phrases with high entropy is superior. Even better are long, randomly generated passwords which makes cracking them nearly impossible.

Today, we learned that password-protected Microsoft Office files are not quite as secure as one would be led to believe. We used a tool called office2john to extract the hash of a DOCX file, and then cracked that hash using John the Ripper and Hashcat. These types of files are still commonly used today, so if you come across one that has a password on it, rest easy knowing that there is a way to crack it.

How to hack a password protected Word document if you lost the password and are unable to open it? The only way to resolve this issue is hacking the password. In Microsoft Word, people can create a password to protect their document from unauthorized access or change. However, in case that you lose the password, Microsoft Word cannot help you recover the password. So you need some special methods to help resolve this issue.

Note: Solution 1 is one of the most popular Word password hacking method which is free and easy to use, but it only work for doc file encrypted in Microsoft Word 2003, 2002, 2000, XP and 97. If you need to hack a long password for Word doc/docx file which encrypted in Word 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000, XP or 97, you can use Solution 2.

2.The VBA code will run in background to search for the correct password for the selected doc file. When the password is successfully found out, it will open the document and the original password will be displayed.

Besides of using VBA code, the only way available for hacking Word password is using a professional password recovery tool. Make a general survey at password recovery tools on the Internet, Office Password Rescuer is one of the best file password recovery tools.

With help of Office Password Rescuer, you can easily hack your Word doc password without losing data. You also can use it to hack password for Excel, PowerPoint, Access database, Outlook storage file, etc. At present, it is working perfectly for all versions of Office such as 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000, 97, etc.

After saving a document and you add a password to it by using the Protect Document option, it means you added the complete document protection. This protection prevents external users from viewing and editing if they do not have the password.

If the Word document was locked to prevent editing, changing the text format to Rich Text format can possibly remove the password. However, this can only work if you are using Microsoft Office Pro 2010.


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