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Adele - Oh My God (Official Video)

"Oh My God" received positive reviews from music critics, most of whom praised its catchy production and identified commercial potential in it. The song reached number one in Israel and Mexico, and the top 10 in several countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Sam Brown directed its music video, which was positively received and features religious imagery and Adele clad in designer outfits. She performed "Oh My God" during her British Summer Time concerts.

Adele - Oh My God (Official Video)

Sam Brown directed the music video for "Oh My God",[66] which was shot on 15 October 2021.[67] Adele shared a teaser of it on her Twitter account on 6 January 2022,[68] and it premiered on YouTube on 12 January.[69] The black and white video features various versions of Adele performing the song in a room filled with wooden chairs, accompanied by backup dancers.[66][69] In it, Adele successively wears three custom outfits by Harris Reed, Louis Vuitton, a scarlet red satin corset designed by Vivienne Westwood, and a Cartier diamond necklace.[70] The latter half of the video features religious imagery, and Adele in a Louis Vuitton outfit designed by Nicolas Ghesquière, integrating a golden brocade dress, a short white cape, and black leather opera gloves, surrounded by a halo of light.[71]

The video received positive reviews from critics. Elle's Erica Gonzales viewed it as "a gorgeous visual display" and complimented Adele's fashion choices in it: "Adele is clearly the star, dressed in elegant gowns (including a custom Vivienne Westwood number) and perfectly-styled updos."[34] Bria McNeal of Nylon thought the visuals were "stunning" and marked the beginning of a more vulnerable era for Adele, taking its viewers on "a winding journey".[72] Writing for Billboard, Gil Kaufman described the video as dramatic and thought Adele portrayed a character reminiscent of Eve.[18] It was nominated for the MTV Video Music Award for Best Art Direction at the 2022 ceremony.[73]

The music video starts off with Adele in a custom look by Harris Reed: an oversize black-and-white polka dot pussy bow blouse over a fitted black corset and empire waist skirt. She paired the look with Harris Reed x Missoma earrings and rings and polka dot tulle heels from Bella Belle.

As the video pans over a group of dancers, the camera goes back to Adele, who is now wearing a custom look by Nicolas Ghesquière for Louis Vuitton. The custom gown features a gold brocade maxiskirt paired with a white caplet and with black opera gloves.

The British superstar hasn't disappointed fans with the visual art for her latest song, teaming up with a trusted workmate to produce its showstopping 4-minute-long music video. Oh My God, the second single off her chart-topping Adele 30 album, became a Youtube must-watch after its video premiered yesterday, just a few months after her comeback track, Easy On Me, dropped in October.

It didn't take long for the clip to grab the attention of the Grammy-award-winner's loyal fans, with many spotting clear parallels between its atmosphere style and an older Adele music video. With its black-and-white theme, ring lights, and mismatched chairs, Oh My God makes a weighted nod to the video for Rolling in the Deep, which was released in December 2010 as the lead single for her second studio album, 21.

The Tottenham native was decked out in some pretty fabulous fashion for the Oh My God video, including a custom-made satin red dress and a polka-dot pussy-bow blouse over a corset and skirt. She even embraced her superwoman reputation for the performance, belting out the second verse in a short cape over a gown with long, black leather gloves.

The spectacular music video comes less than two weeks before Adele's Las Vegas residency kicks off in Sin City. The Someone Like You singer will take to the stage with 'Weekends with Adele' at Caesars Palace every Friday and Saturday night for the next three months, much to the excitement of her loyal fans. It's understood that the mother-of-one opted for the residency over a traditional tour to allow her to continue raising her son, Angelo, in Los Angeles.

Similar to the chair, the apple represents Adele as well and her struggle to find herself in the midst of her chaotic life. The apple can be seen placed on a chair (which represents Adele being calm and collected), rolling around on the ground (stressed and angry), or eaten by Adele (which appears at the end of the music video and represents Adele getting over her past). These objects help viewers visualize the drama and chaos Adele experienced.

Ahead of the launch of the music video from her song "Oh My God," taken from her album 30, a short snippet was released, but that was enough for fans to start their investigation and spotted Adele's latest use of symbolism.

The music video for "Oh My God" will drop online on Wednesday, January 12 at 9 a.m. PT and 12 p.m. ET. Adele has dropped more hints as to what the video will contain with further clips and pictures on her social media channels.

Nothing is added by accident when it comes to Adele's music videos as each one appears to tell a story that runs concurrently with her real life. An example of this would be the house that she moved into in "Hello" but then moved out of in her recent song "Easy On Me." The timing of each release mirrored the beginning and ending of her relationship with Simon Konecki.

This reference harks back to Adele's early work, as many fans pointed out. Adele fan accounts @adkinsupremecy (Adkins is Adele's second name) and @adeledrinkswine compared side by side images of the new video with "Rolling In The Deep."

The account @adelified took it one step further and included images from the music videos for "Hometown Glory," "Rolling In The Deep" and "Easy On Me." They wrote alongside the images that "she's moving on" which is likely a reference to her ending marriage.

Looking ahead to the latest music video, @adeleiconic_ included four images from previous videos where Adele sings while sitting and described the effect she has on the world. @PhotosofAdele echoed the sentiment whilst also previewing the new music video.

After some classic balladry on lead single Easy On Me, the London legend is back with a punchy upbeat classic that harks back to the likes of Rolling In The Deep, even using the same video director, Sam Brown. The star said: "To collaborate together again a decade later was nostalgic to say the least." Over staccato, shuffling beats, Adele also delivers a succession of signature slick looks, staying cool while dancers and acrobats dance and play around her. However, the reality wasn't quite so calm and collected when the singer saw the huge snake on set and ran out.

On Friday 15th October 2021, Adele delighted fans around the world when she released her first single in nearly six years 'Easy On Me'. The video even features scenes from the same house where the video for 'Hello' was filmed. The single is the first off of Adele's new album '30', which is due out in November. Adele revealed the album is for her son Angelo: "The whole album is sort of dedicated to my son more than anything, but yeah it's about my relationship with his dad and with him, but also you know the relationship I have with myself and stuff like that."

Like Adele described the production, countless elements culminate on-screen to make "Oh My God" an eclectic masterpiece of dancers, apples, and lots of chairs. The visual for the new track may seem like a departure from the song's subject matter, which is all about the singer taking control of her life after a depressive episode, according to Genius. Though Adele described the new single as her "'I'm a hot mess' song" on Instagram, the details in the over-the-top "Oh My God" music video tell an intricate story with symbolism you might have missed upon first watch.

Adele takes command of the "Oh My God" music as the centerpiece to a somewhat chaotic scene around her. The video sees the star surrounded by chairs, which many have interpreted as callbacks to her popular music videos "Rolling In The Deep" and "Easy On Me," as E! News pointed out on Twitter. Adele seems to play on her penchant for sitting in videos in the new visual, as dancers around the singer use the chairs uniquely as props, while others decorate or destroy them.

Rather than setting fire to the rain, the "Oh My God" video culminates in one chair burning in flames. This striking frame seems to suggest Adele is leaving her past of sitting idly by behind.One fan account on Twitter pointed out the fiery chair in "Oh My God" is in direct contrast to Adele's lyrics in her 2008 song "My Same," in which she sings, "I like to sit on chairs and you prefer the floor," showing Adele's new era is about standing up and moving on. "30," the album which "Oh My God" is featured on, is largely inspired by Adele leaving behind a painful chapter of her life: her divorce from husband Simon Konecki. "I think I'm divorcing myself on this one," Adele reflected on her album in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, via Harper's Bazaar. "Whenever I noticed how I was feeling I would sit down and I would sit with it."

In the edgy video, which debuted Jan. 12, Adele serves up a Snow White vibe, wearing a vibrant red ballgown, styled with bold red lipstick and matching diamond teardrop necklace and earrings, both Cartier.

Adele has released the music video for "Oh My God," a track from her recent hit album, "30."Adele recently released her brand new studio album, "30". The highly-anticipated release is the singer's first new album in six years. The album includes the record-breaking #1 single "Easy On Me."Adele is rose to fame with her albums "19", "21", and "25". Each album representing the age she was while writing the songs, "25" won the Grammy award for Album of the Year and "Hello" won for Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance. Adele also won an Academy Award for "Skyfall", a James Bond theme song.Watch the new music video here: 041b061a72


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