2021 Theatrical Production


The Show

The Daily Grind follows the story of four high school friends who purchase a café together. Each of them have different motivations for buying the cafe, and are dealing with different challenges in their personal lives. The production follows the journey of the cafe which mirrors the four friends as they tackle family and romantic relationships, relationships between themselves and the cafe’s regular visitors, and perhaps most important of all, relationships with themselves. This is a story of real people, real experiences, real outcomes!

The Charity: Palmera Project

Palmera Projects is an Australian registered charity, that seeks to develop an innovative and entrepreneurial approach to humanitarian aid in marginalised communities in Australia and Asia. All proceeds from The Daily Grind will go towards Palmera’s “Village to Markets” program, targeting sustainable solutions to poverty alleviation and sustainable livelihoods. Since 2004, Palmera has indirectly benefited 25,000 individuals, including 6000 rural entrepreneurs and farmers, achieving an average 35% increase in income and savings. Every $250 in profit raised by “The Daily Grind” will support one rural entrepreneur to graduate out of subsistence living.

Why Palmera?

We selected Palmera Projects as our partner charity because:

  1. We believe in their model to poverty alleviation, which provides a sustainable solution to rebuilding the lives of individuals and communities

  2. Palmera is endorsed by the Australian Government and has a proven track record of success

  3. Our play is about four entrepreneurs - we felt it was only natural to support female and rural entrepreneurs in marginalised communities.



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