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Ian Gonzalez
Ian Gonzalez

Diving And Snorkeling Guide To Bonaire (Lonely Planet Diving [Extra Quality]

Do not go diving without it: This indispensable resource will help you plan and execute dives without a hitch. Make sure to pack this guidebook with the rest of your SCUBA gear before you visit the shore diving capital of the Caribbean.

Diving And Snorkeling Guide To Bonaire (Lonely Planet Diving


Welcome to our Underwater section! We spend so much time in the water both snorkeling and scuba diving, that we wanted to highlight more of that world on the website. This section of the site will be growing as we continue cruising, so its shape may change along the way. On these pages you'll find underwater photos of a few of the fish and corals that we've seen, as well as several pages on how to get the most from underwater photography, written by our primary underwater photographer (Chris).


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