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Beau Wright
Beau Wright

Shophouse Georgetown _HOT_

"One reason why i love the urban fabric of Georgetown Heritage zone is because chinese shophouses has narrow fronts and deep rears, possibly 5 to 8 times the length of the width. This gives them minimal space and more focus to decorate the entrance elevation. Which most of the time it will be done by a 2 or 3 arch windows with horizontal louvers.

shophouse georgetown

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"Traditional shophouse facade ornamentation draws inspiration from the Malay, Chinese and European traditions. European neo-classical motiffs include egg-and-dart mouldings and ionic or corinthian capitals on decorative pillasters. From the Malay building tradition, elaborate woodwork has been borrowed in the form of carved panels. fascia boards, louvres, screens and fretwork. Finally, from the Chinese tradition comes mythological motifs like phoenixes." Full post with photos and images here. 041b061a72


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