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Buy Bounce House Online ((EXCLUSIVE))

Inside the bounce house we have inflatable activities and challenges (basketball hoops, obstacle runs etc), inflatable chill out areas (big boats, oversized sofas, palm trees etc), inflatable animals and characters for you to grab a photo with, slides, ball pits and all manner of awesome entertainment.

buy bounce house online

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To guarantee your spot we recommend purchasing in advance online from Sessions do often completely sell out in advance of the event. If a session is sold out online this means it is full. No more tickets will be available on-site on the day

We have a large inflatable dome providing a shaded seating area, but this is often very popular so feel free to bring along picnic blankets or collapsible chairs.CAN I TAKE A CAMERA INSIDE THE BIG BOUNCE?We have no problem with you taking your own camera phone in with you. Just keep it safe and secure though as these have been known to fly out the pockets of over enthusiastic bouncers!

At BounceWater Inflatables Sales, we pride ourselves in parenting with our clients and taking a vested interest in their success. CLICK HERE for more reviews on inflatable bounce houses & water slides for sale.

BounceWater is the most trustworthy Inflatables for sale company in Florida. They are a leading designer and producer of commercial water slides for sale, bounce houses as well as obstacle courses, combo units, and advertising inflatables just to name a few! Call Us Today!

Selling or renting bounce houses for playgrounds and special events can be a great source of income. The average cost of a single bounce house for sale is about $1,779 with $100 - $200 profit per unit sold.

On the other hand, the admission fee of bounce house centers typically ranges from $5 - $20. With that said, if 300 kids visit your bounce house in one month, then your bounce house center generates a monthly income of $1,500 to $6,000. This is one rewarding business!

With that said, applying to get bounce house business insurance or bouncy castle insurance for bounce house centers, retailers, and rentals is crucial for your business to be protected from potential lawsuits. To learn more about how insurance for bouncy castle business works, we came up with this bounce house insurance guide that will teach you all about it!

A commercial bounce house insurance, or simply bounce house business insurance, serves to protect those running bounce house centers or retail businesses against personal injury lawsuits and property damage lawsuits. Protection from such risks is offered through liability insurance for bounce house business and other coverages that are included in bounce house insurance.

Inflatable bounce house insurance has liability policies that can protect it from common risks involved in operating such businesses. There are various kinds of bounce house liability insurance that can achieve this purpose. However, bounce house insurance companies and us as well usually recommend general liability and professional liability insurance for bounce houses.

General liability insurance protects your bounce house center or retail business from personal injury lawsuits and property damage lawsuits resulting from accidents. This is a bounce house insurance coverage that is common to have as it covers you from the most basic and common risks you may face as a bounce house business owner.

American Methodological Society - The interior of a bounce house is much hotter than the surroundings. As a result, children playing are at risk of experiencing heat-related injuries such as heat stroke and heat exhaustion

Product liability insurance is an additional coverage included in general liability insurance. It's also possible to get this as a stand-alone policy from companies offering tailored inflatable insurance for bounce house businesses. This policy applies if the client files a property damage lawsuit or personal injury lawsuit because the bounce house has manufacturing defects, design defects, and improper labeling.

Reno, Nevada - Bounce House Guy received a lawsuit from a Reno Family, who accused the owner of committing negligence by failing to warn his customers about the dangers of using a bounce house during bad weather

Liability coverage within inflatable bounce house rental business insurance policies is similar to liability coverage in bounce house insurance for retailers - and includes general liability and professional liability within an inflatable rental business insurance policy.

General liability insurance for inflatable bounce house rentals works the same way as the general liability insurance for retailers. That is, it provides protection against personal injury lawsuits and property damage.

As the name implies, the effectiveness of 1-day bouncy castle insurance lasts for 24 hours. But note that, if you want it, the policy can also last for hours or days. Temporary bounce house insurance has general liability coverage, professional liability coverage, and premises liability coverage.

A one day insurance already serves as special event insurance for bounce house business. But note that you can also qualify for a more comprehensive bounce house event insurance having general liability, professional liability, participant accident liability, premises liability, and host liquor liability policies.

The average cost of bouncy castle insurance is $41.66 a month or $500 a year for a $1 million general liability coverage. For professional liability insurance, bounce house insurance cost is $39 a month or $468 a year.

Cossio covers your bounce house through its inflatable insurance for indoor centers and party rentals. This company offers insurance for moon bounces with inland marine coverage and general liability coverage. Also, you can name additional insureds to your policy. Aside from bounce house insurance, Cossio also offers inflatable water slide insurance, mechanical bull insurance, moonwalk insurance, and trackless trains insurance.

Last but not least of the best bounce house insurance is Prime Insurance. Try this company because it offers 24-hour claims service. It also has an in-house risk management team that will help you devise the best strategies for reducing the likelihood of liability claims against your bounce house business.

A Kids Standard Ticket comes with the option to purchase activity tickets for rides, inflatables entry, and other activities. Guests may also choose to upgrade to the Kids Unlimited Ticket on-site. We recommend the Kids Unlimited Ticket, which allows kids to ride, bounce, dig, learn, and play as much as they want!

Walk-up tickets are subject to availability. We work closely with the venue and local authorities to set capacity limits to ensure the safest experience for everyone. In order to ensure that you are able to attend the event on your desired day, we recommend purchasing tickets in advance online.

Ticket prices are the same online and at the door on the day of the event. Ticket prices subject to applicable taxes and fees both online and on site. Prices are based on demand and subject to change.

All picnic permittees who would like to have a bounce house are required to use the approved vendor list. If you would like to have your business added to the list for 2023 an annual payment of $350.00 and proof of insurance is required. If your business is not listed, you will be turned away from the park and potentially cited.

As a leading manufacturer of inflatables located in Livonia, Michigan, we carry a wide selection of high-quality inflatable bouncers, slides, combos, obstacle courses, interactive games. We also carry commercial grade party tents, tables, chairs, accessories and much more. Since opening in 2003, Moonwalk USA has been grown into an industry-leading inflatable manufacturer.

You can browse our bounce house rentals in the Rockford area by category and see what you like and what's available for the date that you are looking for. Once you click into the category you can see individual items with prices, pictures, and additional details about each item. In this category it's all about dry inflatables. If you aren't looking to have water added to your event then this is the spot to be looking. You can book your party rental right here online at your own convenience!

You can browse our waterslide rentals in the Rockford area by category and see what you like and what's available for the date that you are looking for. This category has water bounce house combos which are regular bounce houses but with waterslides built into them. Once you click into the category you can see individual items with prices, pictures, and additional details about each item. In this category it's all about the wet and wild inflatables. When it's a humid Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin day in the dog days of summer this is what you want to book. We use your existing water source and hook into the inflatable's built in sprinklers and it's just like a water park! You can book your party rental right here online at your own convenience!

We generally deliver bounce houses, waterslides, yard games and concession equipment within a 30 mile radius of Rockton, IL. This is a general radius that includes the Rockford area such as Rockford, Belvidere Beloit and Janesville. Please visit our service area page. If you don't see your cities name on the list it doesn't mean we don't deliver there it just means we need you to call us to book so that we can work it into our delivery schedules. It's very common for us to deliver to Lake Geneva, Madison, DeKalb and McHenry County. Due to the distance we have to make sure we can logistically do it. So go ahead and call or text 815-980-6138.

When you a planning a party, let's be honest you are given a lot of options for bounce houses and party rental equipment. We believe we are the best choice because are flexible, affordable, clean, safe and just all around nice people.

Three children went for a wild ride on Monday as a bounce house flew 50 feet into the air in upstate New York. WYNT reported that the three kids, ages five, six, and 10, flew out of the structure when it reached a height of 15 to 20 feet. 041b061a72


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