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Download Microsoft Visual Basic Powerpacks Vs Version

I looked at the post you pointed out. As mentioned before, I don't need the DLL or the download package, but a proof, whether the DLL can be redistributed. I want a substantial post from Microsoft that says the download package it self can be packaged as part of my product, OR the DLL can be shipped directly (as a re-distributable) . This particular thing is not written anywhere. Unless i show a substantial proof from Microsoft, my organization will not allow me to redistribute this DLL/package to customer. the post mentions ' -basic-powerpacks-is-released-in-visual-studio-2010-beta2.aspx' link, this link is not opening. So basically i have no proof from Microsoft that this dll can be redistributed.

download microsoft visual basic powerpacks vs version

"Unable to install or run the application. The application requires that assembly microsoft.visualbasic.powerpacks.vs version be installed in the GAC first. Please contact your system admin"

If you don't need visual basics power packs for your application then it should not be checked as references in your project. If you uncheck it and your project doesn't error when you build it then you don't need it if your project has no MVBPP controls in it. So you will not have to install MVBPP 10 or 3 on every PC since your app does not need MVBPP 10 or 3.

"Unable to install or run the application. The application requires that assemblymicrosoft.visualbasic.powerpacks.vs version be installed in the GAC first.Please contact your system admin"


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