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The park has a large campground with 40 campsites, a tipi, and three cabins, which you can reserve online. The park also has hiker/biker sites available on a first come/first served basis. There is a $5 charge to use the dump station.

Help us conserve the bat population at Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park. White nose syndrome is a fungal disease, well established in the eastern portion of North America and recently found in the west. It does not affect humans, but has proven lethal to bats. If you have been to a cave or mine in the past two years, do not wear the same clothing, shoes or accessories as you wore there on our caverns tour. If it cannot be avoided (for example, eye glasses or shoes) please contact park staff the day of your visit in order to obtain a disinfecting wipe.

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Adelle Clark presented to the little world of Herndon Hall a veryvulnerable appearance when she arrived at the school on that Fridayevening. She was still wearing the blue serge school dress that she andher aunt had made for her high-school début, also some coarse, fadedbrown stockings, and stout cheap shoes, not to mention an unmentionablehat of no style at all. She had taken that unfortunate joke of the trustcompany's president literally: she must not waste her substance uponclothes. Even without this inhibition she had scarcely the skill and thecourage necessary to spend her two hundred dollars to advantage in threedays. So she had bought herself a trunk, a few suits of much-neededheavy underwear, some handkerchiefs, and a coat that she had desired allwinter, a thick, clumsy affair that completely enveloped her slightfigure. Then her imagination of wants had given out.

When the inspectors finally came upon deposits of Adelle's jewelry whichshe had skillfully concealed in the toes of her shoes, they declared thegame off and sent all the trunks forthwith to the stores. Their case wasso serious that it must be dealt with specially. The pair finally leftthe dock, much chagrined, feeling as nearly like common criminals asthey were ever likely to feel; indeed, somewhat frightened and much lessvoluble in protest, whatever their opinion of their fatherland mightstill be. It was evidently a serious affair they had got themselves infor by their perfectly natural desire to save a few dollars at theexpense of the Government.

The next time Adelle made the ascent of the hill behind Highcourt shetook her little boy with her, and after wandering about the eucalyptuswood with him in search of flowers sent him back to the house with hisnurse and kept on over the hill to the shack where Clark lived. Sheexamined the tar-paper structure more carefully, noticing that the masonhad set out some vegetables beside the door and that a little vine wasclimbing up the paper façade of the temporary home. She knew that themason was still at his work below, and so she ventured to peek into theshack. Everything within the one small room was clean and orderly. Therewas a rough bunk in one corner, which was made into a neat bed, andbeneath this were arranged in pairs the man's extra shoes, one pairbleached by lime and another newer pair of modern cut for dress use. Inone corner was a small camper's stove with a piece of drain-pipe forchimney; a board table, one or two boxes, and some automobile oil cansmade up the furniture of the room. There was also a little lime-spottedcanvas trunk that probably contained the mason's better clothes and hisextra tools. On the table was a lamp and a few soiled magazines, withwhich Clark probably whiled away free hours when not disposed to descendto the town for active amusement.

Therefore, she felt relieved to find that Tom Clark was not at his poston the wall. She asked no questions of Mr. Ferguson. And morning aftermorning she was both disappointed and relieved when she went to the walland found his place still empty. The foreman had not put other masons towork there, but continued the work at a different point. She asked himno questions. Perhaps her cousin had left voluntarily in disgust withHighcourt. She even went up the hill one morning and found his littleshack closed. Peeking through the windows she perceived his trunk andkitty-bag in their place, with his old shoes and clothes beside them. Sohe intended to come back! Again she was both pleased and frightened. Thereturn would mean complications. She must make up her mind definitelywhether she should tell him the secret. She felt a strong impulse to doso and take the consequences. And there was Archie, with whom she hadnot exchanged a dozen words since the scene on the hill. It was quitethe longest quarrel that they had ever had and wearing to them both. Soit went for nearly a week. 041b061a72


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