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The Mirror Crack 39;d From Side To Side Download

The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side: A Classic Mystery by Agatha Christie


The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side is a detective novel by Agatha Christie, featuring one of her most famous creations, Miss Jane Marple. The book was first published in 1962 in the UK by Collins Crime Club and in the US by Dodd, Mead and Company under the title The Mirror Crack'd.

the mirror crack 39;d from side to side download

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The book is set in the fictional village of St. Mary Mead, where Miss Marple lives. The plot revolves around a murder that takes place during a charity fête at Gossington Hall, the former residence of Miss Marple's friend Dolly Bantry, now owned by a famous actress Marina Gregg and her husband Jason Rudd. The victim is Heather Badcock, a local woman who had met Marina Gregg before and had a conversation with her just before she died. Miss Marple, who was also present at the fête, suspects that Heather was not the intended target of the poison that killed her, but rather Marina Gregg herself.

The book is one of Christie's most popular and acclaimed works, praised for its clever plot, engaging characters, and insightful exploration of human nature. It also features some references to Christie's own life and experiences as a famous writer.

Plot summary

The story begins with Miss Marple feeling old and frail after recovering from an illness. She receives a visit from her nephew Raymond West, a successful novelist, who brings along his friend Horace Bindler, a photographer and collector of celebrity portraits. Raymond suggests that Miss Marple should move to a modern apartment in London, but she refuses, saying that she prefers to stay in St. Mary Mead.

Meanwhile, Gossington Hall has been sold to Marina Gregg and Jason Rudd, a glamorous Hollywood couple who have moved to England for their careers. They decide to host a charity fête at their home to raise money for St. John's Ambulance. Among the guests are Miss Marple, Dolly Bantry, Inspector Dermot Craddock of Scotland Yard (who is also Miss Marple's godson), and several local residents.

During the fête, Marina Gregg poses for photographs with Horace Bindler in a room where a large mirror hangs on the wall. She also meets Heather Badcock, a devoted fan who had once met her in Bermuda when she was ill with German measles. Heather tells Marina how she had sneaked out of her hotel room to see her at a cocktail party, despite being contagious. Marina listens politely, but suddenly freezes and stares at the mirror with a look of horror.

A few minutes later, Heather collapses and dies after drinking a cocktail that was meant for Marina. Miss Marple, who was nearby, notices that Marina's expression did not change when Heather fell. She also observes that there was something odd about the way Marina looked at the mirror. She wonders if Marina saw something or someone in the mirror that shocked her.

Inspector Craddock is assigned to the case and interviews the suspects and witnesses. He learns that Marina Gregg had a troubled past, having been married four times, suffered several miscarriages, and attempted suicide. He also discovers that she had recently adopted a young girl named Margot Bence, who was the daughter of her former maid. He suspects that someone might have a motive to kill Marina, such as a jealous rival, a spurned lover, or a greedy relative.

Miss Marple, however, has a different theory. She believes that Heather Badcock's story about meeting Marina in Bermuda was the key to the mystery. She recalls a nursery rhyme that she had heard as a child:

The mirror crack'd from side to side;

"The curse is come upon me," cried

The Lady of Shalott.

She explains to Craddock that the rhyme is based on a poem by Alfred Tennyson, which tells the story of a woman who is cursed to live in a tower and only see the world through a mirror. If she looks directly at the world, she will die. One day, she sees a handsome knight in the mirror and falls in love with him. She decides to break the curse and look at him, but as she does, the mirror cracks and she dies.

Miss Marple suggests that Marina Gregg saw something in the mirror that reminded her of a traumatic event in her past, which made her feel cursed and doomed. She also thinks that Heather Badcock was not an innocent fan, but rather an unwitting agent of fate who triggered Marina's memory. She asks Craddock to find out more about Marina's life and what happened in Bermuda.

Themes and analysis

The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side is one of Christie's most complex and mature works, dealing with themes such as aging, fame, jealousy, guilt, and revenge. It also reflects some of Christie's own experiences and opinions as an aging and famous writer.

One of the main themes of the book is the contrast between appearance and reality, especially in the world of show business. Marina Gregg is a beautiful and successful actress, but behind her glamorous image lies a tormented and unhappy woman. She has been betrayed and hurt by many people in her life, and she has lost her ability to love or trust anyone. She also suffers from mood swings and nervous breakdowns, which affect her performance and relationships.

Christie uses the mirror as a symbol of this theme, as well as a device to create suspense and mystery. The mirror reflects what people want to see or hide, but it can also reveal something unexpected or shocking. For Marina Gregg, the mirror is both a friend and an enemy, a source of admiration and horror. She uses it to enhance her beauty and charm, but it also exposes her vulnerability and fear.

Another theme of the book is the effect of fame and jealousy on people's lives. Christie shows how fame can bring fortune and fame, but also isolation and danger. Marina Gregg is admired and envied by many people, but she also attracts hatred and resentment from those who feel threatened or inferior to her. She has many fans, but few friends. She has many admirers, but no true love.

Christie also shows how jealousy can drive people to commit terrible acts, such as murder or suicide. She portrays different types of jealousy, such as professional jealousy, romantic jealousy, maternal jealousy, and even fanatical jealousy. She shows how jealousy can cloud people's judgment, distort their perception, and destroy their happiness.

Adaptations and availability

The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side has been adapted several times for film, television, radio, and stage. Some of the most notable adaptations are:


The Mirror Crack'd1980FilmAngela Lansbury as Miss MarpleElizabeth Taylor as Marina GreggRock Hudson as Jason RuddKim Novak as Lola BrewsterGeraldine Chaplin as Ella ZielinskyTony Curtis as Martin N. Fenn