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_HOT_ Download Interstate '76 The Arsenal PC Game 1998

A graphically enhanced version of the original game, Interstate '76: Gold Edition, was also released.[28] A compilation package, The Interstate '76 Arsenal, was released in February 1998. It includes the Gold Edition and the expansion. In 18 February 2010 released a downloadable version of The Interstate '76 Arsenal.[29]

Download Interstate '76 The Arsenal PC Game 1998

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Interstate '76: Nitro Riders is the prequel to Interstate '76. First intended to be an expansion pack called Nitro Pack, it was released in a stand-alone format on December 31, 1998. This version was re-released as part of The Interstate '76 Arsenal as a direct download on February 18, 2010, on Good Old Games (GOG). Like its predecessor, the game is set in the South West of the United States in an alternate version of the American oil crisis. The story takes place between the years 1974 and 1976, with the final (chronological) mission taking place just two days before Interstate '76 begins.

I'm running into the following problems.Back in the old days I've owned a copy of Unreal Tournament, I've played the game for many hours and through the years I've lost my bought copy of this game together with some others.Now I'm looking for a way to get this game in my possession again to play the game on my Old retro Windows 98 with 3Dfx card.I've started looking on ---------- but as most of you know, if there is any other company in the world who bought the rights to the game to sell it, it is not available there.If you download it from GOG, you guess the problem: WinXP or even Win7 required. For a game from 1998!Same of course goes for STEAM.

Thanks everyone for replying.I have downloaded the Interstate 76 Nitroriders from GOG and did like the youtuber did on his channel. But: when I started the Nitro.exe it gives the error: win32.dll expected a newer version of Windows... so no cigar on this game.. however I have some old image files laying around and mounted them searching for nitro.exe, found it and replaced the gog nitro.exe with the original. Now it works but with no 3d hardware acceleration, let alone 3Dfx.The image files I have were ripped from my original cd's I had back in the days, but then after installing by them, the game keeps asking for the CD (DRM probably). No cd patches from gameburnworld and gamecopyworld wont work. But at least I have got it working. And it is a hell of a lot of work to get a game running under an operating system it was meant for in the first place. I also have contacted GOG about this issue, 11 days ago, no reply so far. I'm fresh out of ideas tbh. 041b061a72


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