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Albert Bolshakov
Albert Bolshakov

Buy Tasbih

Made to Last. Our pieces are handmade with love and intention. The method and material used to knot your tasbih is fray resistant with a high tensile strength ensuring both quality and durability.

buy tasbih

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Tasbih / Tasbeeh very convenient for everyday uses of Muslims to prayers and make tesbihat, wird and zikr after namaz.Give you peace of mind stylish look, radium beads design....Color Black Note: Pack contains 12 pcs / 1 dozen tasbih ..

We sell authentic & certified Kiswahs & carpets from the Holy Ka'aba in Makkah and the Holy Chamber of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in Masjid al-Nabawi. We also offer replicas of the Footprint, Handprint & Sandal of our Beloved Prophet ﷺ, high grade pure bakhoor, incense burners, tasbihs, marquetry boxes, old manuscripts, henna, posters and much more!

Est. since 2013, Personalized Tasbihs 4u have successfully made and delivered over 15,000 individual prayer beads around the world and counting! Order yours today and join the 1000's of fans making dhikr with their very own personalised tasbih!

There are different types of prayer beads. They depend on the material type. You can find plastic beads, baltic amber tasbih, ivory tasbih, kerba stone tasbih, lapis lazuli rosary beads, Olive seeds beads, Ivory beads, Pearl beads, amber beads and different types of beads made of other stone. 041b061a72


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