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James White

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The death toll now stands at 198 and the mortality rate has risen again to 2.6%, said Barbara Ferrer, director of the L.A. County Department of Public Health. Ferrer also confirmed 620 new cases Wednesday, bringing the total number of cases in L.A. County to 7,530. More than 36,000 people have been tested to date and public testing sites around the company are now available to anyone with coronavirus symptoms.

monica rise

In Santa Monica, the number of cases rose by four Wednesday. Over the last week, cases have risen by roughly 50% from 56 last Thursday to 81. The city ranks 10th in per capita cases among all communities in the county, City Manager Rick Cole said Wednesday.

A simple and ancient concept nearly plowed under by the rise of the supermarket, farmers' markets--the real ones, where farmers sell their goods directly to the consumer--are experiencing a resurgence nationwide, injecting fun and community spirit into a basic lesson on free enterprise.

The Los Angeles Metro Rail is among the world"s most technically advanced mass transportation systems. The Metro Rail subway project has presented unique types of challenges in the past, during design and construction. These included toxic gas environment due to existing oil fields; complex seismic topography and geology of the Los Angeles Basin; presence of old buried utilities and high-rise structures in urban surroundings. This paper outlines tunneling in hard rock, passing under an existing fault and through ecology sensitive areas in a canyon. 041b061a72


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