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Gabby Cat Style: How to Dress Up Like Your Favorite Gabby Cats

Gabby Cat: The Cutest and Quirkiest Cat on Netflix

If you are looking for a fun and engaging show for your kids, you might want to check out Gabby's Dollhouse on Netflix. This show features a lovable character named Gabby Cat, who is a half-kitty/half-human hybrid that lives in a magical dollhouse. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Gabby Cat, why she is so popular, and how you can enjoy her more.

What is Gabby Cat?

Gabby Cat is a fictional character from the show Gabby's Dollhouse, which is a preschool show with a surprise inside. Created and executive produced by Traci Paige Johnson (Blue's Clues, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood) and Jennifer Twomey (Blue's Clues, Team Umizoomi), the show combines live-action and animation to create a whimsical world of cats, crafts, and adventures.

gabby cat

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Gabby's Dollhouse: The Show That Features Gabby Cat

Gabby's Dollhouse is a show that follows the adventures of Gabby, a girl who loves cats and dolls, and her sidekick Pandy Paws, a black and white stuffed toy that comes to life when they shrink down to doll-sized. Together, they enter the dollhouse and meet the Gabby Cats, a group of colorful and quirky cat characters that live inside. Each episode features a different theme, such as baking, gardening, or music, and involves fun activities, games, and surprises.

Gabby: The Girl Who Loves Gabby Cat

Gabby is a character from Gabby's Dollhouse who is played by Laila Lockhart Kraner. She is a cheerful and curious girl who loves cats and dolls. She has a cat-ear headband that allows her to shrink down to doll-sized and enter the dollhouse. She also has a real-life tabby cat named Floyd, who sometimes appears as a cat-monster in her imagination.

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Can You Help the Gabby Cats Complete the Obstacle Course?

We Help a REAL Cat Make a Gabby's Themed Cat Tree!

Let's Build GABBY & FRIENDS with Balloons!

Make Squishy Squeezy Glow Mask with Gabby!

Kitty Crafts with Baby Box & Gabby!

Join Gabbys Kid Power Challenge + Make an Impact with UNICEF!

Mistakes are A-Okay! Failing Fantastically with Gabby

Learning to Try with Gabby! Fantastic Failures & Accidental Inventions

Express Your Creativity with these Cat-Tastic Crafts

Stretch & Refresh with Gabby! Moving Mediation for Kids

The Gabby Cats: The Other Furry Friends of Gabby Cat

The Gabby Cats are the other characters from Gabby's Dollhouse who live inside the dollhouse. They are all different breeds and personalities of cats, such as Cakey, a pink cat who loves baking; DJ Catnip, a purple cat who loves music; Kitty Fairy, a blue cat who can fly; Baby Box, a yellow cat who likes to hide in boxes; Carlita, a green cat who loves dancing; MerCat, an orange cat who lives in the water; Pillow Cat, a white cat who likes to sleep; and Chef Jeff, a brown cat who cooks delicious food.

Why is Gabby Cat So Popular?

Gabby Cat is one of the most popular characters from Gabby's Dollhouse because she has many qualities that make her appealing to kids and adults alike. Here are some of the reasons why people love Gabby Cat:

Gabby Cat is Adorable and Funny

Gabby Cat has a cute appearance that makes her irresistible. She has pink fur, blue eyes, a heart-shaped nose, and a curly tail. She also wears a pink dress with polka dots and stripes, matching shoes, and a bow on her head. She has a funny voice that sounds like a mix of a cat and a human. She often makes silly noises and expressions that make people laugh.</ Gabby Cat is Creative and Adventurous

Gabby Cat has a creative mind that helps her solve problems and have fun. She likes to make crafts, such as paper flowers, pom-pom hats, and cat masks. She also likes to explore new places, such as the jungle, the moon, and the ocean. She is always ready for an adventure and enjoys discovering new things.

Gabby Cat is Educational and Inspirational

Gabby Cat is not only entertaining, but also educational. She teaches kids about various topics, such as animals, plants, shapes, colors, and numbers. She also encourages kids to be curious, imaginative, and positive. She inspires kids to try new things, learn from their mistakes, and never give up.

How to Enjoy Gabby Cat More?

If you are a fan of Gabby Cat, you might want to know how you can enjoy her more. Here are some suggestions:

Watch Gabby's Dollhouse on Netflix

The best way to enjoy Gabby Cat is to watch her show on Netflix. You can stream all the episodes of Gabby's Dollhouse anytime you want. You can also watch the trailer, clips, and behind-the-scenes videos on the official YouTube channel of Gabby's Dollhouse.

Make Your Own Gabby Cat Crafts and Activities

If you want to have some fun with Gabby Cat, you can make your own crafts and activities based on her show. You can find many ideas and instructions on the official website of Gabby's Dollhouse. You can also use your own creativity and imagination to make your own Gabby Cat creations.

Join the Gabby's Kid Power Challenge

If you want to make a difference with Gabby Cat, you can join the Gabby's Kid Power Challenge. This is a program that helps kids learn about social issues and take action to help others. You can earn points by watching videos, playing games, and doing activities on the Gabby's Kid Power app. You can then use your points to unlock donations for causes that you care about.


Gabby Cat is a wonderful character that brings joy and learning to kids and adults alike. She is the star of Gabby's Dollhouse, a show that combines live-action and animation to create a magical world of cats, crafts, and adventures. She is adorable, funny, creative, adventurous, educational, and inspirational. She is also a great friend to Gabby, Pandy Paws, and the other Gabby Cats. If you want to enjoy Gabby Cat more, you can watch her show on Netflix, make your own crafts and activities based on her show, or join the Gabby's Kid Power Challenge.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Gabby Cat:

  • What kind of cat is Gabby Cat? Gabby Cat is a half-kitty/half-human hybrid that lives in a magical dollhouse. She has pink fur, blue eyes, a heart-shaped nose, and a curly tail.

  • Who plays Gabby Cat? Gabby Cat is voiced by Tucker Chandler (Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts) in the animated segments of the show.

  • How many episodes are there in Gabby's Dollhouse? There are currently two seasons of Gabby's Dollhouse on Netflix, with 10 episodes each.

  • When will season 3 of Gabby's Dollhouse be released? There is no official announcement yet about the release date of season 3 of Gabby's Dollhouse. However, the show has been renewed for a third season by Netflix.

  • Where can I buy Gabby Cat merchandise? You can buy various products featuring Gabby Cat and her friends on or Some of the products include plush toys, dolls, books, stickers, puzzles, costumes, and more.

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