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Buy Park Bench Online

Our commercial park bench collection includes metal, aluminum, and recycled plastic benches for outdoor environments like bus stops, courtyards, parks and playgrounds. Or choose one of our backless benches for your public space.

buy park bench online

Investing in a garden bench is a great way to upgrade your garden, giving your family and guests a comfortable place to unwind and enjoy the outdoor space. Placing benches in your garden is one of the best ways to make it more charming and inviting. With a wide range of benches available on the market, knowing what type or style of bench you need for your space will help you make the right choice.

Ideally, a garden bench should be sturdy and comfortable. It should also elevate the look of your outside sitting area. If you're wondering which outdoor bench to choose, we're here to help you select the right piece. This guide will walk you through the various stages of choosing a comfortable and stylish garden bench.

Material is one of the most important things to remember when looking for the right garden bench. Your choice of material has an impact on the durability, comfort, and aesthetics of the bench. Garden benches come in various materials. Below, we take a closer look at the different materials you can choose for your garden bench.

A timeless traditional choice, a wooden garden bench always looks attractive. Wooden garden benches made from good quality wood are long-lasting. There are two types of wood: softwood and hardwood. Softwood is an inexpensive and less durable type of wood. It is best for indoor furniture as it will not withstand harsh weather conditions.

On the other hand, hardwood is robust, harder, and has a denser composition. One of the most commonly used types of hardwood is teak. It's an excellent choice for making outdoor wooden benches because of its high oil content, which resists moisture and insects. Acacia is another great hardwood you can choose for your bench.

Strong and easy to maintain, a metal garden bench looks modern and classic. Unlike wood, metal benches for gardens come in a variety of appearances. You can also find a metal bench in your preferred style or design. Here are the most common types of metal used to make garden benches.

Most plastic benches are made from hard-wearing plastic so they can withstand the elements. If you live in a windy area, you may want to mount your plastic bench seat to prevent it from being blown away by the wind.

In addition, rattan is weatherproof, making it a great choice for garden benches as they have to withstand the elements all year round. Rattan garden benches can tolerate extreme weather conditions while maintaining their natural look.

Garden benches come in different sizes, but most of them fall in a certain range of dimensions. It's crucial to find the right fit for your outside space. To determine the size of the bench you need, take into account your comfort needs and space requirements. Here are guidelines to help you choose the outdoor garden bench size.

Seat depth refers to the measurement from the front to the back of the seat. The standard depth of an outdoor bench is 40 cm. Backless benches have more depth to allow users to move forward or backward easily. The width of the bench should be at least 1.3 m if you intend to have two people sit on it. However, it can be 1.5 m or more. Some benches have continuous seating, such as those used around a fire pit.

Not all garden benches have a back. In fact, you may not need backs on some benches such as those you use with your patio table. When you want to buy a bench with a back, choose one with a back that extends at least 40 cm above the seat. You can choose a back that slopes backward slightly or perpendicular to the seat. If you go for the sloped back model, ensure it has a slope of about 15 degrees for extra comfort.

A garden bench is a great addition to any outside sitting area. It brings more than just a place to sit. Aside from contributing to the look of your garden, they can be used to set the tone or mood of a space or brought out to accommodate more guests.

You can create a simple and beautiful solution by adding a garden furniture bench to a free-standing or retaining wall. This design idea works well in both small and large gardens. The cantilever design gives the bench a floating appearance. This installation type of this bench requires precision to ensure a seamless connection between the materials. You can also incorporate some plants around the bench to soften the scheme and give it a more natural look.

If you are planning to paint your outdoor furniture, choose the same color for your fences, planters, and bench. Having them painted in the same color gives them a beautiful look and the illusion of more space in a small garden.

Whether on a sheltered spot or patio, an L-shaped piece makes a great corner garden bench. Additionally, these benches are modern and stylish, making them a good option for creating a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors.

Curved garden benches are a growing trend among garden designers. This model makes a good option for a small garden bench as it does not take up much space. Their appealing curves give your garden a softer and fluid shape.

Curved benches can also create a focal point in your garden. Their sleek angles can be used to replace the harsh curves, creating an eye-catching effect, just what you need when selecting a design theme for your outside space.

We are delighted to share some news with our Park Bench family: we now allow existing patients to manage their appointments online. There is a link to the left that will take you to our scheduling portal.

Sometimes u gotta just sit on a park bench and think about your life...sit back and enjoy these sounds from around the world. Here a some tunes i like to listen to at my house in brooklyn and hit record. enjoy

If you'd like to fill out the Sharing Donation Application in person, please stop by the Parks and Community Services counter for bench/table donations within a park or the Public Works Department for donations within the Cross Kirkland Corridor.

From minimalist looks to rustic country houses, our online shop offers a wide range of outdoor seating furniture and more for every taste: Benches and garden chairs are just as well represented in our range as comfortable outdoor lounge chairs & sun loungers and elegant outdoor tables. If you love modern outdoor furniture, you will love the designs of Fermob. Minimalist style meets bright colors and unusual material combinations; the essence of beautiful outdoor seating furniture to complement your individual style of living. If you prefer a more rustic look, the product range from Danish manufacturer Skagerak might be an option for you. It's diverse outdoor chairs and outdoor benches are all made of wood and represent Scandinavian design at its best.

You want to buy a designer outdoor bench or outdoor chair online, but need support? Please feel free to contact our customer service. We help you if you have any problems with your purchase, give recommendations and we can quickly clarify questions. Let us send you your favorite product to your home, comfortably within a few working days!

Sponsor an item in one of Maple Grove's award-winning parks! Celebrate a milestone, remember a loved one, or enhance the community by sponsoring a bench, engraved brick, or paver at one of several locations in the city.

Benches may be located in any of Maple Grove's parks. City staff will work with you to determine the final placement. These benches are made of powder-coated metal and include a customizable plaque.Cost: $1,500.

Commercial park benches are pretty much a given in a national park or any type of community park. They give visitors to the park a comfortable place to rest, especially for children, pregnant women, and elderly people who wish to take a break.

But not all park benches are created equal. National Outdoor Furniture offers high quality park benches that are durable, attractive and a comfortable place to rest. They fit in well with the beauty and ambiance of parks and other outdoor spaces, and are also spacious enough to accommodate more than two people.

If you wish to sponsor a bench for a public place or need one for your own park project, we offer the best commercial benches in the market. Here are the following factors that you should consider when choosing commercial park benches to be installed in your park or other outdoor area:

Park benches should be attractive and welcoming, with a style and color scheme that go well with the surrounding area. Some models of park benches have the traditional design with cast aluminum sides and wooden seat slats, while others are made from coated metal in a more modern design that would fit right in outside a modern art museum. Still others are backless benches.

There are many styles of park bench to choose from, and in many cases, the design is influenced by the materials used to create these benches. We offer a full line of park benches for public use, made to last and manufactured from the following high quality materials:

The classic wooden park bench is what most people think of when they think of park bench designs. Wood park benches are comfortable, with a design that fits perfectly into any type of outdoor area. It also matches the natural good looks and ambience of parks that are filled with trees and plants.

Public park benches made from recycled plastic are another extremely durable park bench option. They are just as resistant as thermoplastic benches when it comes to handling any environmental or weather condition, since they are made of heavy duty plastic material. Recycled plastic commercial park benches are also known to be lighter than some of the other bench materials, so they are good for when you need a portable bench. Surface mounting kits are available.

These benches are available in various colors, along with a wide variety of designs and color themes. And as they are made from recycled plastic, these benches are also an eco-friendly solution that goes well as an addition to parks and other natural spaces. 041b061a72


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