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The Show

‘Zero to Zero’ is a dramatic comedy that follows the story of two different groups of thieves in their attempt to steal a painting of high value from a popular museum. Their attempts are marred with amateur mistakes and misunderstandings, all of which culminates in a comedy of errors as the museum curator and her two henchmen chase up false leads and are driven to the point of exhaustion.

The story serves as a medium to explore how individuals interact with one another in times of stress, conflict, deceit, friendship, and love. These themes will be supported by musical numbers which does not only serve to propel the events of the story forward, but also serves to exhibit our collective sense of passion, drive and responsibility to put on a show that is entertaining whilst raising funds for the greater good.

The Charity: The Fred Hollows Foundation

For our tenth production, MAYA will be supporting and partnering with The Fred Hollows Foundation. All profits raised from our production will directly help achieve their vision of eliminating avoidable blindness - both here in Australia and impoverished communities abroad. 

The gift of sight is one that we take for granted. With it, we are enabled and independant. Without it, we are unable to seek education, work and achieve a basic standard of living. What is perhaps surprising is that four out of five people who are blind do not have to be. This avoidable blindness, engendered by a lack of accessible healthcare, is what we wish to eliminate. 

As a direct result of their work, the Foundation has been able to restore sight to more than 2.5 million people. By sponsoring our production, you will play a major role in restoring the gift of sight to thousands more. 2.5M people and counting have been restored

The Team

Making Magic Happen On Stage

Tushar Prasad

Creative Director

Vedant Dave

Creative Director

Vidhya Naguleswaran


Darren Ignatius

Assistant Produc

Balaki Parameshwaran

Assistant Producer

Joel Jenson

Assistant Director

Johanna Kennedy

Dance Director

Anusha Puvanendiranathan


Nabeela Rasheed


Sarangi Rupasinghe


Jaya Kachwaha


Arushna Thaenmathy

Set Director

Joshua Rajendra

Music Director

Thivya Nadeswaran

Marketing Director

Kalyani Jegendran

Design Director


Tickets Sold


Raised for Charity


Cast Members

Production Documentation

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Production Booklet

Letter Of Appreciation

Financial Disclosure Report

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