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A Life's Journey

2018 Dance Production

The Show

This dance and music showcase celebrates the momentous occasions that we may experience as we journey through life – from wedding spectacles to the joys of having a child; from feeling the invincibility of youth to resilience in the face of eventual death.

Told through the fusion of modern and traditional dance forms from around the world, and accompanied by a live band, A Life’s Journey is not a show to be missed. Come experience the wonder of dance, music…and life!

The Charity: Cancer Council

At the core of all Maya activities is the desire to give back to the community and to enrich causes which improve the lives of those in our communities. Cancer has impacted the lives of many of us and our families either directly or indirectly in Australia, with one in two men and one in three women being diagnosed in their lifetime. Funds raised from this production will go towards cancer research, the foundation on which improvements in cancer outcomes can be realised.


Tickets Sold


Raised for Charity


Cast Members

The Team

Making Magic Happen On Stage

Maathumai Ranjan

Creative Director & Producer

Sumedh Jayanti


Mathangan Paskarajothy

Stage Manager & Lighting

Neythirun Sivanesan

Assistant Stage Manager

Anu Ganapathy

Backstage Manager

Kalyani Jegendran

Graphics Designer

Durga Shivaji

Dance Director

Anusha Puvanendiranathan

Dance Director

Kasturi Murugavel

Music Director

Haresh Nair

Music Director

Minh Phan

Assistant Music Director

Suraj Ravikumar

Assistant Music Director

Soumya Ravikumar

Assistant Music Director

Production Documentation

Available for Download

Production Booklet

Letter Of Appreciation

Financial Disclosure Report

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