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Ian Gonzalez
Ian Gonzalez

Resident Evil 4 HD: The Darkness World Download...

Uploaded by user scoovyhd on, the New Map For Mercenaries mod does exactly what it says on the tin, providing players with a new arena to take on hordes of enemies in the post-game Mercenaries mode.

Resident Evil 4 HD: The Darkness World Download...


I downloaded and installed Resident Evil 4 today, opened up the app and it said it had to do a one time optimization or something, the status bar went about a quarter of the way then the screen went black and the device starting trying to reboot or something several times, started it back up opened up the app and same thing, uninstalled the app and opened a different game and the headset shut down again, did resident evil just crash my headset completely??

hey spudomie! thanks for stopping by with those very kind words! we're flattered to know the game still holds up once you've got some resident evil games under your belt lol. glad to also know that you managed to get the bonus scenes, 'cause i still worry that i made the puzzle too obtuse. now, of course, i feel bad that i never finished that extended ace attorney bonus scene lol (i got about 50% done and then moved on to other things) - maybe i'll slip that into another update when the remake comes out. 041b061a72


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