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This tutorial, put together by WITNESS, walks you through how to download and export your chat messages, videos, photos, and other media from WhatsApp along with basic metadata. Since WhatsApp is a closed platform, we have to use its own built-in tools to access, download, and export the content.

Download Yvonne zip


You can also set WhatsApp up to auto-download using mobile data, using Wi-Fi, when roaming, or not at all; you can also select what kind of messages you want to auto-download (in WhatsApp Settings > Data and Storage Usage). Auto-download will save incoming media to your Android and keep it available within the app. By default, photos are set to auto-download unless you turn it off.

As a workaround to this limitation, you can export the chat history without media, which will result in a smaller file size, and download media files separately via the WhatsApp desktop or web app. When exported without media, the text of the exported chat history will not include the media filenames. However, you can match up media downloaded in the desktop or web app with its place in the chat history by the time and date.

You can download media selectively by simply selecting it within WhatsApp, or you can set WhatsApp up to auto-download using WiFi, or Wifi and Cellular data (in WhatsApp Settings > Data and Storage Usage), which will automatically save all incoming photos, audio, videos, and/or documents to your iPhone and keep it available within the app.

Congratulations! Now you should now have safely exported your entire chat history along with videos and images. Go to the end of this tutorial to read about how to further preserve these files securely. For those interested in more information concerning storage options for your exports download this tipsheet.

Congratulations, you have successfully downloaded, exported, or in some instances deleted, your WhatsApp content! The next step is to safely preserve your exported content to ensure it is not altered, corrupted, misplaced, or deleted, and to make sure your information is secure. 041b061a72


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